Oldies but Goodies (Freebies)

Good afternoon! We had a wonderful week in Mrs. Knopf's class! Unfortunately I forgot my camera and thus I have no pictures to prove it! I swear, we learned a lot though!

Today I am planning my lessons for next week - we're doing Apples. I know, I'm a little late with my Apple unit, but getting this group completely assessed and ready for work station rotations took longer than usual! So this week we will be dong an abbreviated Apple Unit - abbreviated because once October hits we will be jumping into some Fall/Halloweeny themes!

We are not allowed to really do Halloween activities, so instead I use this as a time to learn about spiders, bats, owls, pumpkins and scarecrows. This gives our classroom a festive feel without having to worry about students not being able to participate due to religious beliefs. I just finished up my "Colorful Spiders" unit and I cannot wait to teach it!

Look at the fun stuff I got to go with it:
 Don't you love the Target Dollar Spot?!

Shirt from Walmart.

The unit has a variety of activities in it - for Language Arts and for Math - with a variety of skill levels. Included are beginning sounds, rhyming words, sight words, cvc words and a color words emergent reader as well as Fact vs Opinion, KWL and Can/Have/Are charts. For Math there's skip counting, patterning, comparing numbers, basic addition, and graphing. Oh and a craftivity too! All in all there are 15 activities/games! I am so proud of this one! Here's just a small sample of this 92 page unit:

Click the picture to go to the TPT link :)

Now, yesterday I noticed that I got some traffic from a pinterest link for a Halloween freebie from last year! Awesome! Except, the link went straight to my blog, not the actual post with the freebie! This makes it super hard to find the freebie, so I try to always pin the actual post and not just the blog url when I see something neat. Just click on the post title and it will open that post's unique url, then you can pin away! Just a tip to make Pinterest easier to navigate :)

So, knowing that people are interested in all things Fall/Halloweeny now, and thinking back to last year when this little blog didn't have many followers, I decided to open the vault and share some oldies but goodies today! Yep, I went back and found a bunch of freebies and put them in my TPT store rather than on Scribd since many people have issues with Scribd - forgive me I didn't know any better back then! So without further ado, here's a round-up of past, season-appropriate freebies! Just click the picture to go directly to the file in my TPT store to download for FREE:

"I have....Who has..?" game for doubles and doubles +1 addition facts!

A memory-style addition game!

A pocket chart activity for students to practice onset/rime!
A fun pocket chart sorting activity for initial  consonant digraphs.

And finally, a plural word sort:

Alright, off to do lesson plans, have a great Sunday everyone!

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Lori Rosenberg said... Reply to comment

So many goodies in the post! Thanks so much, Jennifer!

ΡΌ Lori
Teaching With Love and Laughter

Ash said... Reply to comment

Love all the old freebies! Thanks for putting them on TPT. Scribd and I have a hate hate relationship.

I can't wait to see more of how you go about teaching halloweeny subjects in non-traditional ways so students with religious restrictions can participate!

Come check out what I bought at the dollar store. You might be able to use some in your lessons!
Pixy Stix and Teacher Tricks

Arianne said... Reply to comment

Love it! I just bought this same spider box from Target. I had to stop myself from buying one of each haha! Thanks for sharing!

Ketchen's Kindergarten

johnpeterjohn said... Reply to comment

I can't wait to see more of how you go about teaching ..
cool math 4 kids

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