Disappointments & Bulletin Boards

At the end of the school year, right before summer break started, I got the news that Debbie Diller was coming to do a workshop - 5 schools in the district had banded together and somehow used Title II funds. Whenever we talked about in-service everyone would excitedly say "And then we have Debbie Diller on Tuesday morning!". So, this morning I woke up extra early - I wanted to be able to take a shower and have time for my hair to dry before I got to the workshop (it takes forever to dry usually). I put on make-up and mascara! I even dressed up a bit! After all, it's not every day you meet Debbie Diller and I knew I was going to have to take a picture with her and darned if I wasn't going to be looking my best for it! I even got to the workshop 20 minutes early! If you knew me in real life you'd know that is nothing short of miraculous! I was prepared, energized and enthusiastic!

So imagine how I felt when I realized that we were not getting Debbie Diller, the author. Nope, we got Debbie Diller's book! Don't get me wrong, I love Literacy Work Stations. I do. Great book! But, I've already read it, and begun implementing a lot of it. The presenter was great too - funny and energetic and really enthusiastic about bringing work stations to our district. She had a great power point presentation even. But, it wasn't Debbie Diller :(

I think that poor presenter could have juggled torches while standing on stilts and I still wouldn't have been impressed! Not to mention, if you've read the book, taking a workshop that explains the book and quotes directly from it, is not very helpful. It was like being given a tricycle after you've already taken the training wheels off your bike. Thanks, it was a nice thought, but I wanted a ten-speed!!

Well I got over the disappointment and looked at it as a refresher course, so it was all good. I got to spend a little time in my room this afternoon, but I still have a ton to do and very little time left! We're in meetings all day Wednesday and Thursday until 4pm. Then our Meet the Teacher night starts at 4:30pm! I am praying they keep the building open late tomorrow night, or I will not get everything accomplished!

Of course, I wouldn't be so worried if my teaching bff was not an overachiever who has come up with some of the cutest ideas! Her hallway bulletin boards are done and I snapped some pictures as I left for the day, take a look at this!
 Excuse the pictures - the lighting is horrible in the hallway in late afternoon!

Those flowers are made from burlap and toilet paper rolls! How stinking cute, right? The wild things on the border are mounted on clothespins and will hold student work - at student eye level! Fortunately she is also the most generous soul you can imagine and has agreed to help me make the burlap flowers too! Even better - I already have a pile of burlap in my closet from a previous project! When she teachers me I will be sure to take pics and share!

Oh! I checked our kindergarten numbers and we are already at 46 - just a few more and I might get that 3rd kinder slot, cross your fingers for me that those little ones keep trickling in (before we split up classes tomorrow afternoon!) Alright, I am off to try to finish some of the many things I have to cut and laminate tonight! Have a great one!

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Mrs. Lundquist said... Reply to comment

We are supposed to be getting Debbie Diller next month... I am going to check... I would be so bummed if we just got a book! :( Your jaw must have dropped this morning! On a happier note... LOVE your bulletin board!

Mrs. Parker said... Reply to comment

I would have been disappointed too! The book is good but not that good.

OMG- I love the burlap flowers. I am so "into" burlap right now. I have about 3 yards and ribbon waiting to be hung in my classroom; after, I get it sprayed with fire retardant that is.

Mrs. M said... Reply to comment

How disappointing! I'm at 23 kiddos too and more enrolling each day!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
The Daily Cupcake…A Kindergarten Blog

Elizabeth said... Reply to comment

I understand your disappointment :(

On the other hand...that bulletin board rocks and makes up a little for the disappointment, maybe?

Fun in Room 4B

Kelly said... Reply to comment

I am at 22 kiddos and I don't think there's hope for another section unless we top 25...I feel your pain!

Kindergarten Kel

Nancy said... Reply to comment

Oh darn, that stinks about Debbie Diller. We are having a speaker too but I can't even remember his name, lol.
Those flowers are really cute. I have so much to get done in my room. I did bulletin boards yesterday and rearranged furniture for the 30th time, lol.

:) Nancy
Joy of Kindergarten

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