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Tomorrow night is our Meet the Teacher night and then Friday is our first day of school! I don't feel ready AT ALL! Today I had to run to the teacher supply store for more border because I ran out with 1/2 a foot to go! Then when I got to the store I found that they were completely out of that style so I had to settle for a different pattern. I used it to cap the ends and middle of my 15 foot long bulletin board in the hallway. I'm still not sure how I feel about mixing two patterns together - there's something in me that is screaming for uniformity! I may go back tomorrow and pull it all down and just use the second type of border by itself.

Of course I probably won't have time to do that - we have a workshop in the morning, a pot luck lunch together and then a workshop across town until 4pm.  Then the Meet the Teacher night starts at 4:30!! I still need to hook up my student computers, do a final dusting and put up my student names and decorate the class tree! I have serious doubts that I will be able to accomplish it all!

Of course, I can't complain because we have a new teacher who just found out her grade assignment and classroom at the end of the day today! By the way, so far I'm still a 1st grade teacher - got a list of my 23 firsties this afternoon. However, kindergarten is at 24 students apiece right now, so if we get many more we'll be authorized another teacher - but not until that magical tenth day of school of course! So while I may start out in first, there's still a chance that I will be in K. So for now I'll hold off on changing my blog name!

My friend Nancy from Joy of Kindergarten is hosting a fun linky about the 5 things you miss about summer!

Here goes:

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Mrs. Christy said... Reply to comment

My school is cold too. I wear a jacket to the cafeteria every day. It's crazy!!
Christy :)
Mrs. Christy’s Leaping Loopers

Nancy said... Reply to comment

Oh no....I forgot about snacking...shoot, I need a #6: going to the bathroom only at scheduled breaks in the day. Yikes, it's a wonder teachers don't have more kidney problems, ha ha. Thanks for linking up! I hope you get K....keeping my fingers and toes crossed!!

Miss Trayers said... Reply to comment

I hate not being able to control the temperature either. Our school is centrally controlled--all supposed to be the same temp, but I really don't understand why you can walk into different rooms and freeze. I'm going to miss being able to look at blogs too! :)


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