Christmas In July!

 I'm joining up with some fabulous friends to have a Christmas in July sale over at TPT today! It's a special one-day-only sale on my seasonal stuff! I even made a new Roll & Cover game just for the occasion! Check out these super cute gingerbread friends:

I'm off to the dentist this morning, they're having me come in at 7:40 for a cleaning! Yes, 7:40am! Don't they know I'm a teacher on summer vacation?! Actually, I have to go in that early because after my cleaning I have to get a new filling and get some old fillings replaced :( Actually, wait. That should be a :) because now I won't have silver fillings any more as the new type are clear!

Plus I get the happy gas which is absolutely wonderful stuff. I swear salesmen should secretly pipe that stuff into showrooms, they'd make a fortune. I say that because after I inhale the happy gas I always sign up for way more dental work than I meant to. The dentist will say something like "Oh! While we're in here we can always coat your teeth with that invisible gold enamel that will make your teeth .005% more sparkly for only $200! Just sign on the dotted line." And I happily sign away my first-born without a care in the world.

Maybe I shouldn't take my check book with me to the dentist....

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