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Ruby Red Shoes

Hmm, a day in my shoes? In the summer? Umm that would be a lot of not wearing shoes actually as it is sooo hot here in Oklahoma that I try to stay indoors as much as possible and we have a no-shoe rule in our house!  So instead, here's a day in my life during the school year:

4:30am Husband's alarm goes off and he stumbles around getting dressed in the dark to go off to PT.

7:30am Husband returns from PT and crawls back into bed for a quick snuggle.

7:40am I'm up and trying to get the children up. Most days, if we laid out our clothes the night before, this goes smoothly, except for my oldest who needs to be awakened at least 3 times - unless she's actually on her feet and getting dressed you can't trust her to stay awake!

8:10am This is the point where I frantically yell "In the car! In the car!" and try to round up all 4 of my brood. We drop off the oldest on the way in to work.

8:30am My 3 boys and I arrive at school. We hang out in the classroom for 15 minutes, getting ready for the morning.

8:45am We head to the gym for our Wakin' and Shakin' Assembly. So much fun!

At this point I'm going to insert my school schedule:

3:45 Daughter arrives at my school after taking the bus. The 5 of us spend the next hour or so cleaning up the classroom and preparing for the next day. Okay, it's actually just me and daughter that are cleaning and preparing. The boys are making a bigger mess usually!

5:00pm ish - We head home for the day! If there is an evening activity at school we just run down to the Sonic down the street for dinner and hang out in the classroom because there's no sense in going all the way home just to come back. When my husband was in Korea I was known to stay in the building until the night custodian chased me out at the end of her shift (8pm). That was my first year teaching and there was always something that needed to be done! My kids would watch TV, read, paint and play with all of my kinder toys lol. Fortunately I've found more balance in my life, so I try to get home at a decent time now.

As for real shoes, I have to confess that I am not a shoe person. I think my husband probably has more pairs than I do! For school have "fall/winter shoes" and "spring/summer shoes". When one pair wears out I replace it with another pair exactly the same. For the first part of the school wear I alternate between black or brown:
 These Champion shoes are sooo comfortable. My feet never get sore or overheated.

Once the weather warms up a bit, I switch to:

I also buy these in brown and black. They're Earth Spirit and are also super comfortable! 

I know, I know, so boring with my black and brown shoes! However I like having limited choices - it really helps on those hectic mornings when I'm trying to make sure everyone's getting dressed and ready while still managing a shower, doing my hair and some kind of makeup. The fact that I only have to decide between black or brown is a big help lol! 

Alright, that's enough about my shoes (or lack thereof) head on over to the linky party and let me see what's on your feet!

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First Grade Smarties said... Reply to comment

Thanks for sharing your schedule. Can you tell me more about the "Wakin and Shakin" Assembly? I think I could use this at the beginning of my day!

Jennifer K. said... Reply to comment

Hi Claire!

Our Wakin' and Shakin' Assembly is every morning with the entire school. We do our Pledges, our School Creed, sing a patriotic song, recite our 8 Expectation for Living and go over our ICare theme for the month and our word of the week. We might do the Cupid Shuffle or the Cowboy Dance - basically anything that gets the kids up and moving and wakes up their brains :) Dr. Jean, Jack Hartmann and Stephen Fite are all favorites. Hope that helps!

Jennifer @ Herding Kats In kindergarten

Diane O said... Reply to comment

Shoes are not my thing either. I do the black and brown shoe shuffle too!

Jennifer Gibson said... Reply to comment

You are a brave woman to have your kids in the classroom with you before and after school! I have four sons, and when I bring them to school with me (at anytime), they make it tough for me to get things done. They don't attend my school, so I have never had to worry about before or after school time, but it is something I would not look forward to!

Kudos to you!

Cindy Foreman said... Reply to comment

LOVE LOVE LOVE those Champion shoes!! Where did you get them? They look super comfie!!

teresa minton said... Reply to comment

Your day sounds so familiar...I bring 3 of my 4 kids to school with me each day, but drop one off at High School on the way. (And my militry hubby just retired after 21 years of service!) Thanks for sharing your day!

Jennifer K. said... Reply to comment

Hey Cindy, I buy them at Payless - and yes, they are super comfie!

Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

Jennifer K. said... Reply to comment

Wow, your family sounds a lot like mine! My oldest is in junior high and my youngest just finished kindergarten. My husband still has 8 more years before retirement though! Thanks for stopping by :)

Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten