The Cubby Space

Today I had an epiphany. My husband has been secretly working against me! I know this because today I ventured into his man-cave (aka garage) where he had so generously given me one small corner for my boxes from school. I really thought I had more stuff than that, but he insisted that all of my stuff was in that corner and that the boxes in the little cubby space were just odd boxes of stuff from our 2 recent moves that we just hadn't gotten around to unpacking fully. I seemed to recall bringing home boxes throughout the school year and having them disappear before, so today I investigated that cubby space more fully.

It's about a 6 ft by 5 ft area, piled high with boxes and miscellaneous debris. At the front were several boxes that were only 1/2 full and seemed to back up his claim that all of this is a pile of junk that we have, for some unknown reason, been bringing with us from house to house. At that point my darling husband walked into the garage (on his lunch break) and growled at me not to mess with his precious garage and that it's bad enough he had to give me a corner already for my stuff, I better not start pulling boxes out of the cubby too. Well of course, as soon as he went back to work, I set about pulling boxes out of the cubby area.

I'm like that.

I got about 1/2 way through the pile and suddenly hit teaching gold. All sorts of bins and boxes, crates and containers, full of teaching stuff! Some of it was organized previously, but most of it, I am sad to say, is a huge mess. One of those - "Let me stick it in a box and I'll get around to organizing it all on Fall Break" (or Christmas Break, Spring Break etc)  - types of things. Some of it was also from our last move when I piled teaching stuff into crates because we ran out of boxes - never intending for it to get buried in the garage forever.

I pulled most of it out of the cubby and then bribed the children with Kool-Aid to help me bring it upstairs (we are not Kool-Aid drinkers normally but I had some left over from my end-of-year gifts to my firsties) So now, I have approximately 457,892 boxes and crates in my computer room, just waiting for me to unpack and organize.

Why on earth did I not listen to my husband and leave that darned cubby area alone?!

See what being a smart alec can get you?

I still have about 4 more boxes in the cubby that I know are school related, but there's no room in the computer room for now. Guess that means I should get off the computer and organize right?

Nope, instead I'm going to go enter Lakeshore Learning's new contest!

·          Simply ‘Like’ Lakeshore’s Facebook Page (
·          Click on the Entry form and submit a picture of your child participating in their favorite summer learning activity! From a visit to the local zoo, to nature walks to fun family road trips and everything in between!
·          Spread the word by encouraging family and friends to ‘Like’ the submitted photo
·          The top photos with the most ‘Likes’ --WIN!
·          Winners: 5 lucky fans will be awarded with a $1,000 e-gift card! PLUS everyone who enters will receive a special discount coupon as a thank you for their participation.
·          Time Frame: Begins June 4th-June 30th and Winners will be announced on July 2nd

I'm going to start combing through pictures to see which to enter :)  If you enter yourself let me know so I can vote for yours too! Imagine what you could do with a Lakeshore gift certificate that big!

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Elizabeth said... Reply to comment

It's just hard to get of the computer when that kind of project is looming.


Fun in Room 4B

Kara said... Reply to comment

I definitely have some of those "let me stick it all in a box and get to organizing it on a later break" boxes in my guest's overwhelming to think about digging them out! Good luck to you!


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