Winners & More Dinosaurs!

Drumroll please! The winners of the BragTag giveaway are:

 Congratulations! I will pass your email info to Kim from imagestuff and she will contact you about getting your BragTags! Please come back and let me know which ones you pick - I can't wait to see!

In other news, Friday was not all about Field Day! Thankfully that was only 2 hours in the morning and the rest of the day we did more Dinosaur stuff! We wrote about dinosaurs and then we made paper plate dinos! Now, here is a perfect example of why you should always make a craft prior to trying it at school. I had found a great (or so I thought!) Tyrannosaurus Rex plate idea, but it didn't quite work out as planned.

First though, check out these great Brachiosaurus plates, I got the idea here but opted out of the brads for the legs and neck/tail and just used a glue gun to glue it once the kids had it assembled:

I absolutely love this rainbow one!

About 1/2 my kids made the Brachiosaurus, which meant 1/2 tried the T. Rex which was a disaster. I got it from another site and the template they showed ended up with 1/2 the pieces facing the wrong way! We ended up having to cut and make adjustments and it still didn't end up looking the way it should:

Not exactly what I was hoping for, and not at all like the picture on the site! (By the way, can you tell by the muted colors that mostly my boys chose the T. Rex while the colorful Brachiosaurs were made by the girls?)

Of course the kids enjoyed it and they loved their dinos regardless, but once I got home I had to remedy the problem. I set my kids to work water coloring plates and then I made my husband figure out a T. Rex template for me (I am not artistic at all!). Here's what we came up with:

 Better, don't you think?
Here's the template for it, if you're interested:

It's getting late so I'll stop here for the night. I have more dinosaur activities coming up though!

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Miss Squirrels said... Reply to comment

I think I am in love with the blue polka dotted T Rex!- although the rainbow Brachiosaurus is pretty cool too. What would it look like if they had dino babies????
They are so lucky to have you-the fact that you went home to re-do something that was already completed in class speaks volumes about the kind of teacher you are:)
I am sending you a {{{{{{{{HUG}}}}}}}}:)

Going Nutty!

MJ said... Reply to comment

Thanks so much! The Brag Tags will be awesome!
I love the dinosaurs but they will have to wait for next year. I have only tomorrow (whole day) and Tuesday and Wednesday (half days) left with my kinderkids and so much to get done!!

Jennifer said... Reply to comment

LOVE the rainbow dinosaur! What a cute project! Thanks for the template- we may have to try this in class this week!

Rowdy in First Grade

Kelly B aka Queen Bee! said... Reply to comment

Thank you bunches! I am just in love with the brag tags-I am so excited that I won! Have a great Sunday!

Erica said... Reply to comment

Those dinos are so cute!


Jessica Stanford said... Reply to comment

Love the dinos!!


Jessica Stanford
Mrs. Stanford's Class Blog
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Mrs. Reimann said... Reply to comment

Thanks for sharing! I'll be making these soon.

Little Treasures

Miss Parsons said... Reply to comment

Ohhhhh thank you! I will let you know which brag tags I chose. :) Thank you! Andrea

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