Summer Agenda and a Pete Freebie!

Lately my house is all things Pete. Pete the Cat of course. My 5 year old loves Pete. Which is rather astonishing since he's in that stage where almost everything is disdained (like that commercial with the girl that keeps saying "That's for babies!"). Luckily, though, Pete continues to be a favorite and I often hear Joshua singing the story as he plays. Which is really cute because he has some speech difficulties so "My buttons, my buttons" sounds more like "My buh ins, my buh ins" which for some reason is extra endearing. I tried to get a video of him singing/reading the book but he got camera shy :(
Anyways, we talk about Pete's message a lot. About being gracious even when things don't go your way, about picking the things that you get upset about. One of our family's sayings is "Fussing gets you nothing." meaning "No matter how hard you cry, it won't fix anything." That one has been a hard lesson for my youngest to learn. Of course he's allowed to cry when he's sad or injured, but crying because he doesn't get a toy or candy doesn't get him any where and he's slowly coming to realize that lol!
The other day I was over visiting Kinderglynn's TPT store and saw her very cute Pete the Cat posters for "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit". They are adorable! But, I don't use that phrase very much. However, I was inspired to create a sign that would suit my needs better, so I made two that I'd like to share with anyone else who doesn't use the "throw a fit" phrase! Just click the image to download for free on Google Drive.

Moving on, I've decided that I need a plan for my summer, otherwise I'll let it slip away, fluttering from one  project to another without ever getting anything finished completely! So! Here's what I aim to take on this summer:

The rest of May until June 14th:
Organizing, organizing, organizing! I am going to spend a small fortune on boxes and containers since I never do and then regret not being able to put things away properly because I don't have a container for it. I figure to tackle at least one box a day, thus whittling down the pile in the garage, making my husband happy :) I am going to go for the hyper-organized look and hope that I can sustain it through out the year. Not sure yet if I'll carry my "Where the Wild Things Are" theme over into that - probably not because then I'd have to change all my labels if I change themes!

June 16th - July 1st:
Creating new units for the new year! This will be my time to work on integrating Common Core, and creating new activities to fully implement it in my classroom.

July 3rd - August 6th:
Lamination, cutting and creating! These will be the best days because I can do this at night while I watch TV with the kids, which leaves my days open completely! I know I'll have a ton of stuff to cut out and laminate, plus I'll be making tissue paper decorations for my classroom like this:

August 6th - August 13th:
Readying my room! We get to come in early this year since our School is not hosting the Summer Lunch Program or Summer school. If I have my old room I'll be repainting the bulletin boards and magnet board, then setting up my "Where the Wild Things Are" decor. If I have the new room I'll be in 7th heaven!

Alright, so that's my plan - will you help to hold me accountable please?

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Andi said... Reply to comment

We've read Pete's Four Groovy buttons so many times in class. My students just love it. I'll hear them saying (at random times during the day) "Buttons Come and Buttons Go." Too cute! We're spreading Pete's message!

I'm super jealous of your summer schedule. We still don't know what our pacing guides will look like yet, so I can't plan ahead at all. Grrr...


Lisa R. said... Reply to comment

I love how organized you are! You have everything mapped out to the last detail. I'm hoping it will rub off on me my bloggy friend! :) Thanks for the Pete posters. I totally love them!!
Learning Is Something to Treasure

Heather Shelton said... Reply to comment

You have so inspired me to create a summer plan! I ALWAYS intend to get many things completed over summer break, but most of them NEVER happen. I am going to make myself a plan to be more accountable! Thanks for the great idea.
Mrs. Shelton’s Kindergarten

Mrs. C said... Reply to comment

You are making me feel like a slacker!

Mrs. Parker said... Reply to comment

Love it! I just finished printing a scoop and count button math center for my students with the same graphics.

I saw some of those tissue paper flowers at my local party city today in lots of colors. Not that expensive either.

Mrs. L said... Reply to comment

Looks like you are going to be super busy this summer. I hope you get the new room! Congratulations on going back to Kindergarten.
Life with Mrs. L

Miss Squirrels said... Reply to comment

Alright- I will hound you everyday and ask you what you have accomplished
and if I find it worthy I will give you an award
Like the
"Oh my goodness, I can't believe you organized all of your stuff award!"
or the
"Wow, look at you laminate award!"
Now get crackin' lady, you have work to do- !!!
hee hee


I proudly share my Bubble Award with everyone:)

School Sparks Renee said... Reply to comment

Love your organization. Even if you stick to half of this schedule, I bet you'll be in great shape! Love your tissue paper decorations! :) Renee

Mrs. Cupcake said... Reply to comment

I love how you made a plan! I'm inspired to make a list with a time frame, too!
A Cupcake for the Teacher

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