Serenity Sunday (Freebie)

I took today off to lounge around in my pjs with my hair unbrushed, sipping coffee and enjoying snuggles with my kids. Then we went to see the new Avengers movie! It was great :) I hope everyone had a great Sunday, As you get ready for the work week, try to keep this peaceful Sunday feeling going - I know we've all started a countdown (8 days!) let's make the best of the end of the year! To help inspire that peaceful feeling, I'm sharing some pictures. After our field trip yesterday, my husband picked me up and as we drove home we stopped and took a nature walk: 
 Little raccoon prints in the mud! How appropriate since my students are my "R.E.A.D.Y. Raccoons"!

 There's just something so interesting about the different colors of the rocks on this cliff - and there were hawks wheeling in the sky above too!

 Shhh! There are deer in the grass!

Aren't these wildflowers gorgeous?!

Could life be any sweeter? Well, maybe, since I have a freebie to share too! Click here for a Summer ABC order worksheet. I plan to use it to entertain my kiddos while I finish up testing a student who was absent last week. I am almost finished with testing - now to move on to grading, report cards and permanent records are due to the office on the 18th! Okay, deep breaths, look at pretty pictures, try to relax...just 8 more days until summer!

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School Sparks Renee said... Reply to comment

Fabulous pictures. Sounds like you had an ideal Mother's Day! Renee

Unknown said... Reply to comment

Beautiful Pics!
First Grade Blue SKies