Dinosaur Writiing (Freebie!) & a Dilemma

On Friday we finished writing about dinosaurs, and I thought I would share some samples of our work, as well as the paper we used:
 This little guy decided to make his dinosaur look more like a dragon since it's name means "Dragon King". You can see he started out writing very small, because he wanted to make sure he had enough room for everything. He looked up his dinosaur in one of our non-fiction books and found out some facts about it which he incorporated into his writing!
 This little girl focused more on the actual activity - she's not much into dinosaurs but she did like the excitement of trying to get the skull out of the ice. You can see that she's still starting her sentences with "And" so that's something I need to improve next year.
 This little guy quoted facts from one of the books I read aloud - glad to see he was paying attention!
 This darling snuck her work into the "done" pile without coming to me for editing - which is alright since now you can see what an unedited piece of writing looks like in my class :) I think her 5th sentence is supposed to read "When dinosaurs die they leave fossils." I think this isn't bad for an unedited piece of work!
This little darling was a bit all over the place but I love that she thinks her sister is very intelligent! I can clearly hear her "voice" in this piece. The hearts on her i's are a new thing, not sure where she came up with that!

Alright, if you'd like the dinosaur writing papers, just click here to download them for free in my TPT store! I also found a new book at yesterday that I will be adding to this unit. It's hilarious and I am totally going to be making activities that go with it, so look for those this summer!


Alright, on to my dilemma.Here are a few pictures of it:

View from the front of the sink, cubbies and tons of cabinets!
 Window wall - look at those shelves!
 The cabinets at the end of the cubbie wall - look how much storage space there is! Everything could have it's own space and be tucked away neatly out of sight so no more clutter!
 View of the back wall - this room is huge! A SmartBoard will take up some of that whiteboard space once it's installed, but the bulletin boards on either side would still be free.
View of the front of the room - more whiteboard space! That would be perfect for a word work area I'm thinking!

Alright, so what's the dilemma? This room is mine..if...I agree to teach 1st grade again next year! Talk about holding out a carrot in front of me! Of course I want this gorgeous, huge, new room! But, do I want it enough to give up on teaching Kinder next year? I absolutely love teaching Kinder and I missed it so much this year, but teaching 1st wasn't all bad. I think that if I teach it again next year I might like it more since I am more prepared and have a better idea of what I'm doing. The main reason I wasn't crazy about teaching 1st is because I felt like I was behind the whole year (I got switched to it the day before school started so I never felt prepared) and I felt like I didn't do as good a job for my firsties as a more experienced 1st grade teacher would have (not that we actually have any of those hanging around, most people in our building are relative newbies like me anyways!),

So, do I agree to teach 1st again next year and get this fabulous room (oh the ideas I have for setting it up!) or do I stay in my perfectly fine if slightly shabby room and teach my adorable Kinders again?! My husband is advising me to go with the new room because I know what I'm doing (mostly!) in 1st now and he thinks it's more important to have a good 1st grade teacher than a a good kindergarten teacher (debatable!) so I would do more good as a 1st grade teacher. What do you think? Would you take the new room or keep the "raggedy" (as my husband puts it) room? Would you even let a new room sway your decision? I can't help feeling a bit materialistic...but it really is a great room! Rustle up a response below and give me some advise please!

Oh, and just for fun, here's a picture of my youngest who lost another tooth! He's now missing three at the top lol!

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Jessica Stanford said... Reply to comment

Love the work samples ANNNNNNNND the AMAZING ROOM!!! That's tough!! Would you be able to loop with your kiddos??

Jessica Stanford
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Jennifer K. said... Reply to comment

I taught 1st this year, so I got to teach about 6 of my kinders from last year again which was nice. So if I stay in 1st again I'd be getting a whole new class. I know most of the kinders though since my room is right next door, so they wouldn't be complete strangers!

Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

School Sparks Renee said... Reply to comment

That's a tough decision. How did you like teaching the age group in 1st vs. kinder? And how did you feel about the curriculum in 1st vs. kinder? How do you feel about the other teachers in each grade level? A new room is certainly a huge incentive, too. Good luck with your decision. I'll look forward to hearing what you decided. When do you have to let them know? Renee

Jennifer K. said... Reply to comment

I love Kinders, teaching Kindergarten is truly my passion and I love being able to have center time and being able to incorporate more hands-on play (which isn't allowed in 1st as much). I was shaky on the 1st grade curriculum this year but with a year under my belt I can now see what I should have done differently and what worked well, so that doesn't worry me as much now. My firsties had more stamina and were more independent and capable, but still sweet and loving, so I don't have a problem there.

The Kinder teachers are great for collaborating with - in fact since my classroom is surrounded by them I planned with them more than the other first grade classes this year! But, the other first grade teachers are nice too, just not as fun to plan with! I think I need to make my decision before we leave for the summer so my principal knows what grade levels she needs to hire for or switch around etc. Not much time to decide!

Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

Miss Parsons said... Reply to comment

If you teach first in the new room is there a chance that next year you could keep the room and teach kindergarten in there? Hmmmm....tough decision!

Miss Sara said... Reply to comment

that is a tough decision! First of all, that room is AMAZING!!!! oh the things you could do in there!!!
I really believe you would love 1st grade a lot more next year because you would be prepared. Kinder is a safe and sure shot for you because you know exactly where to go. I guess first grade is a bit out of your comfort zone but would be a lot better the second time around.
But you say your passion is kinder....
In the end, you really do need to follow your heart. Where will you be happier? What will make you smile more? What will make you want to go above and beyond?
Good luck with your decision! :)
Miss Elementary

Mrs. Ann Greene said... Reply to comment

That's tough! I have taught both K and 1st and a K-1 multi-age. I love both grade levels the same. The one thing that always draws me back to first is their independence. I love when those firsties come to you already knowing how to sit, listen and follow directions (for the most part). But, I have spent most of my years in Kindergarten. They have some type of magic spell that draws me to them.

I am sure you will follow your heart. That is what all teachers do.

:) Ann

Sandra said... Reply to comment

What???? Take the nice room!!! This is coming from me... who would LOVE your room!! Look at all that storage!!! I have that only in my dreams LOL :)
❤ Sandra
Sweet Times in First

Delighted said... Reply to comment

Go with your heart. A room is just a room & it's what you make it. Rooms can be inconvenient, but to me it's all about who is in that room. Good luck making your decision.


kristin said... Reply to comment

I would go with the room... Principals change teacher's grade levels without thinking twice, so be happy in a nice room, all organized! I have been teaching in a portable (which is actually not too bad since I have AC) but I am temporary there for the year, so I am working around all the other teacher's things and mine, trying to be respectful of her lack of organization... I would kill for space for all of my belongings!

Mohyla 103 said... Reply to comment

Thanks so much for offering the dinosaur writing paper for download! This is exactly what I needed and is far beyond what I could have created with my limited artistic abilities.

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