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I am trying to put together sub plans for next week, and I am stressssssing big time! I am just going to have to cross my fingers and hope that everyone does what they should. I think I've covered all the bases, but you never know! If you have any advice for preparing for a week-long sub let me know please!

Also, I've been tagged again, and decided to play another round since no one wanted to play with me before:

Here are the questions from sweet Megan at Miss Murray's Kinder Monkeys:

1. Do you assign homework to your students?  How many days each week and what do you assign?
I send home a spelling packet every Monday. It contains our Reading Street story and comprehension questions, as well as the week's spelling words. On Monday they trace the words on a Spelling City worksheet and write them three more times. On Tuesday they do Rainbow spelling, on Wednesday they do sailboats and on Thursday they take a practice test. Those that complete the packet with parent signature are given a goody on Friday. Other than the spelling, I don't send home anything else except for an occasional project like the "Disguise the Turkey" or "Leprechaun Trap".

2. What is your organization system for sending papers between home and school?  Do the students have two-pocket folders, a binder, or something else?  I'm looking for a better approach next year and would love new ideas.
Title I purchases planners for every student. They are spiral bound and pretty durable. They have extra activities in them for students to do if they choose. There's a ton of room for writing notes etc. There's also a plastic pouch in the back for sending home notes etc. They're made by School Mate and I really appreciate having them!

3.  What is your favorite "teacher" book that you've read?
The End of Molasses Classesby Ron Clark. I participated in the book study this summer and I loved it. My dream is to go visit The Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, GA.

4.  How do you teach sight words to your students?
We've got some videos that we watch, I make them individual sets of flash cards, we have sight word  contests among classes like our Sight Word Super Bowl that I posted about here.

5.  Do you teach guided reading groups during literacy centers?
My literacy time is a bit crazy this year, I am planning to do Daily five more consistently next year if I'm still in 1st grade. I generally do a lot of whole group instruction and then small group games or independent practice.

6.  What is one way you incorporate technology into your teaching, besides having students use the computer to play a game?  I'm looking for some new unique ideas!  If you don't have anything to share for this, it's ok. :-)
We have a smartboard that we use all the time. We've got interactive games for almost every subject, plus I use it as a whiteboard. We also have a document camera which I love. Sometimes we brainstorm stories together and I type it out as they dictate. That's one activity they  really enjoy.

7.  What is one blogging tip/secret you have for a new blogger?
Find your voice. Blog about the things that interest you and try to use language that you would when talking to a friend. Share what is actually working in your class. It is great to see pictures and read about new ideas! Another good idea is to comment on other blogs. Often when I read a blog I look at the comments for new blogs that I haven't heard of. Make sure you use a hyperlink so that readers can find your blog easily. If you don't know how to hyperlink, just copy this: 
<a href=">YOUR BLOG NAME</a>
and fill in the appropriate information.

For example, to hyperlink to my blog I type
<a href="">Herding Kats In Kindergarten</a>

8.  Do you utilize parent volunteers in your classroom?  If so, in what capacity?
Unfortunately we do not have a lot of parental involvement at our school. The few parents who want to participate work, so they can only come in periodically. Whenever one does have a moment to come in I usually have them do a guest reading. I think it's great for my students to hear lots of different people reading aloud to them.

9.  Do you teach half-day or all-day kindergarten?  Which do you prefer?
I have always taught full-day kindergarten and can't imagine only having 1/2 day! There is just too much to do and teach for only 1/2 day!

10.  What are your favorite student websites to use with your kids?
We don't really use individual websites. We have two software programs in our computer lab - Destination and Waterford. Occasionally I'll pull up something on Starfall, and we really enjoy Spelling City, but other than that I am using Smartboard programs. Oh! And I have a ton of educational videos on youtube - Mr. Harry Kindergarten is one of my faves!

Alright, here are my super simple questions:

1. If you could eliminate one behavior from your classroom, what would it be?
2. What is your favorite part of the week? (end of day on Friday does not count!)
3. What is your favorite unit to teach?
4. After a hard day at work, how do you destress?
5. What's your typical work outfit? Is your school dressy or casual?
6. Can you go off-campus during the day? If so, where do you go?
7. What is your favorite field trip destination?
8. Do you snack while blogging? Post a picture of your snack of choice if you do!
9. What was your worst experience as a student teacher?
10. If you had to do anything besides teaching, what would you do?
Here are the bloggers I am tagging this time, maybe I'll have more luck with responses! Remember, if you don't play I'll be:

Climbing the Monkey Bars!Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade TidbitF is For First Grade

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Deb said... Reply to comment

Ha, ha that picture makes me giggle! I actually had a first grader pull that face (complete with the out-loud crying fit!) today!! Sigh. It has been a rough week!

I've been tagged so many times and always forget to play along. I'll try to do better this time! :)

Sprinkle Teaching Magic (Sheila) said... Reply to comment

My first time stopping by your blog! Such a fun place. I am a 1/2 day kinder teacher and boy OH BOy am I with you! Teaching a half day is hard! I constantly feel like I am keeping my head above water to get everything done.


Sprinkle Teaching Magic

Melissa said... Reply to comment

I'll play when I get home! I'm at school getting ready for a sub on Monday so I can go to a Common Core Standards workshop. So that really means I'm trying to clean up every inch of my room and my paper piles so she won't think I'm a hot mess! But knowing I'm not going to school Monday should make for a relaxing Sunday evening.=)

Elizabeth said... Reply to comment

Ahhh, that face. It pulled me in alright :) I've been meaning to grab the Ron Clark book, but haven't. I'll be adding it to my Nook soon!


Fun in Room 4B

Allison said... Reply to comment

Thank you for tagging me! I answered your questions - a lot of fun!!

Adrienne said... Reply to comment

I am your newest follower!

Unless Teaching

School Sparks Renee said... Reply to comment

I enjoyed reading the questions and the answers! Thanks, Renee

Melissa said... Reply to comment

I just posted your questions. Thanks for tagging me, that was fun!
F is For First Grade

Megan said... Reply to comment
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Megan said... Reply to comment
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Megan said... Reply to comment
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Megan said... Reply to comment

Thanks for answering my questions! I LOVE Ron Clark, too, and my dream is to visit his school as well! I was going to go this summer, but I decided to go to the National Kindergarten Conference instead. Also, thanks for the blogging tip about the link to my blog! I was trying to figure out how to do that! ...You'll notice that I tried to leave a comment on this post 4 times already, because I'm still trying to figure out my link. Here it goes again lol.
Miss Murray's Kinder Monkeys

I'm still having trouble- not sure why. :-/

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