Happy Easter!!

I hope you all have a joyous day with your families! Last year we spent Easter Sunday in a hotel room, following the fire at our house. I am so grateful that we have gotten through all of that and are in a better place this year (physically, emotionally and spiritually!) I wanted to share a quick book idea, it was new to me when the librarian read it to my class on Friday and I thoroughly enjoyed it! File it away as an idea for next year, because it is a very sweet story with  funny illustrations!

Here's a little freebie to go with it!
The Easter Egg Farm

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Delighted said... Reply to comment

I love this book. I can't believe I forgot to use it this year! Happy Easter.

First Grade Delight

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Hey come by my blog! I tagged you in a fun little game :)
Mrs. Hoffer's Spot

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Tag! You’re it! Come over to my blog to see the rules and questions!
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