The Underwear Bandit Strikes Again!

Yes, yet another pair of underwear was left behind in our bathroom today. This time draped over the actual handle of the commode! A pair of boy's blue striped undies, size 4/5. Slightly soiled. So I did the undie check with my kiddos again - including the girls this time in order not to be sexist - perhaps on of my young ladies secretly wears boys' underwear after all.

Unfortunately, everyone was wearing undies except my one young man who routinely goes commando. He also goes sockless and his feet stink to high heaven when the weather starts to warm up. But that's neither here nor there. The point is that apparently someone has taken to wearing multiple pairs of undies in order to be able to discard soiled ones without being caught. And they are becoming brazen about it and flinging the undies about rather than balling them up and hiding them under the sink or behind the toilet as before.

So yet again I was thwarted by the Underwear Bandit and I can't help but feel diminished as an authority figure. Not only does my bandit get away with it, he/she also gets the thrill of knowing that I am checking everyone's undies and wasting a good 15 minutes of instructional time. In fact, the undies were so slightly soiled that I am a little bit suspicious that the Bandit discarded them just to see me sweat.

My new resolution is to ignore the undies, just remove them when we find them and not give the Bandit the satisfaction of a commotion. Maybe a non-reaction will bore the Bandit and he will give up his underwear pranks.

We have just 2 days left before Spring Break which is very good because I desperately need that time off to calm my nerves after dealing with new boy all week. New boy came on Monday and I came very close to losing my temper with him today. I had previously thought that my other 2 newest students were as bad as it could get, but new boy takes the cake in his ability to push my buttons. And the funny thing is that reportedly he was put into my class because I am reputed to be the nicest and could deal with him the best. See what happens when you take a sick day and aren't there to defend yourself?

I am actually pretty nice, and I suppose my class is the laxest when it comes to noise level and being out of your seat etc. I'm all about the standing up and moving around as long as you're paying attention/participating.

What I am NOT about is the crying and pouting. Which new boy does. A. LOT. I'm talking, hiding in the cubbies with a backpack over his head sniveling because I took his math and reading journals out of it and put them with everyone else's journals. Or crossing his arms with his chin to his chest and refusing to look at me after I caught him running in the hallway and slapping the bench for the second time in one day.It's obvious that this behavior has gotten him something in the past, or he wouldn't keep it up. Now I just have to get him to understand that it's not going to work in my classroom so he'd be better off without the pouting. The good thing is that he's above grade level, so I can concentrate more on behavior than academics with him.

Hmm, this post is very heavy on the wordage and not so much on the pictures. That could be because my Canon died on me the other day. Every time I turn it on it says "lens error, restart camera" and turns itself off. So I will be shopping for a new camera this weekend, Any suggestions as to something easy to use without costing an arm and a leg?

Did I mention that we have just 2 days before Spring Break? In between doing stuff with my kiddos I will be working on new units! I am doing a Dinosaur unit, Spring/Life Cycle Unit and Baby animals/chicks unit. Do you have any requests for other themes? I love making things that I know people will use, so if you'd like to see a particular theme or topic covered I'm all for making some freebies up next week!

I meant for this post to go up hours ago but I made the mistake of laying down for a minute which turned into several hours as my sweet husband let me sleep while he made dinner and took care of the kids. I guess that missing hour from springing forward finally caught up to me! Have a great night everyone and please rustle up a response below, I love to read your comments!

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Unknown said... Reply to comment

oh dear!!! Here's to hoping Spring Break comes fast! underwear bandit needs to potty train!

Erika said... Reply to comment

I'm laughing with you not at you! That underwear bandit is one smart buckaroo. You'll get through to the new kid so keep your chin up...for two more days at least!

2B Honey Bunch
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Miss Squirrels said... Reply to comment

Ok, you have to give some credit where credit is due...that is some Higher Order Thinking for a 5 year old to figure out he has to "double up" just in case!!!
I wonder if anyone at home notices that he has way less undies???

Going Nutty!

Tonia said... Reply to comment
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Tonia said... Reply to comment

Your stories are funny, although it is not fun to be in your shoes! We had a little girl last year that made big messes in the bathroom. (it was. Very gross) After several times, we finally figured it out. She had a sad story of foster care and abuse.
My camera did the same thing! I just got a Fugi finepix at Costco. S4500
30x zoom. it's easy to use and takes good pictures.

Holly said... Reply to comment

Oh my gosh - an underwear bandid...what a total hoot. I mean, I know it's frustrating....but I've got to chuckle.

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Unknown said... Reply to comment

Too funny!!! Sadly I can relate though! Hope you have a great spring break. =)

It's About Time, Teachers said... Reply to comment

Lovin' the underwear bandit. The rest of your blog, too. So I rustled up a lil ol' award for you -- the One Lovely Blog Award, because yours is One Lovely Blog.