Today was good! Today was fun! Tomorrow is another one!

Here are a few pictures of our costumes today:

 Fun stuff right?! I'm the very tall looking Thing 2 by the way, although I'm really only 5'8. That wig was sooo tight and I wore it for so long that even now, 4 hours after taking it off, I can still feel it around my forehead! 

Our afternoon snack was definitely a hit too! That's cotton candy on top of the cupcakes : )

Our reading center is so much fun right now too - that tablecloth has Dr. Seuss characters and book titles and I have practically every Dr. Seuss from the library, plus my own personal books displayed on our rack. I think next year I'll buy more of the fabric so that I can make matching crate seats for each theme. I'll have to remember to take a picture of our classroom Truffula tree tomorrow too, it is too cute and very easy to do!

We also awarded our first Seussy Brag Tag today! One of my girls read "One Fish, Two Fish..." out loud to the class, fluently and WITH EXPRESSION!! I wish I had been recording it, she was so good! I am doubly proud because I am the only teacher she has ever had - she was in my kindergarten class last year. I can see how far she has come since then and it is amazing!
 We also wrote about "If I Ran The Zoo" and my kiddos got so into it - some drew maps of their zoo, some collaborated and each of them ran a small part of a large zoo and each part specialized in a different type of animal - dinosaurs, mythical creatures and carnivorous plants! If it hadn't been for having to stop to eat our snacks, I think they'd still be writing and designing!

After school we had a meeting and it was brought to our attention that we are using TOO MUCH PAPER!!!! So from now on Wednesday will be "Ditto Free Day" and the powers that be will be making sure that absolutely no copy paper is used in our classrooms on Wednesdays. I'm not too impacted by this, since most of our writing is in our writing journals and we use our Smartboard and dry erase boards A LOT. In fact, I recently won a Staples gift card and I am hoarding it until dry erase markers are on sale again, since we use them every day they get worn out quickly!

Tonight I made green deviled eggs and ham sandwiches with green mustard (couldn't figure out a way to dye the ham!). Since I had so many of these kiddos in kindergarten, I didn't want to do scrambled eggs and ham again so I'm hoping they're fans of deviled eggs! Look for more pictures tomorrow!

One more thing! I just found a new blog and she is teaming up with one of my favorite clip artists, Michelle, aka The 3AM Teacher, and hosting a giveaway! Melissa from Dilly Dabbles is celebrating 100+ followers with a giveaway of one of her TPT items AND a copy of Michelle's Place Value pack! Head on over to enter this giveaway, it ends on the 10th!

I hope you have a great day tomorrow! Rustle up a response and let me know how your school is taking care of the copy paper shortage!

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Miss Squirrels said... Reply to comment

Wow- No copy paper....I think I could do it....I am always the one the other teachers are Schmoozing up to because I have 1500 copies left at the end of each semester!

I love your wig!

Going Nutty!

Edana said... Reply to comment

Love the pictures....looks like TONS OF FUN :)

Color Me Kinder

Ms. Kerri's Krazy Kindergarten said... Reply to comment

Love the costume! Looks like you had tons of fun. Today is crazy hat day. I rocked some really crazy socks yesterday. Maybe I'll find time to post again this week and share some pictures. We get 10,000 copies a year. I feel like I'm goign to go over this year. I've been copying more stuff with all the things I'm inspired by. But I'm trying to tone it down a bit. I'm not really sure what happens when you go over. I think you might just be out of luck. Enjoy your green deviled eggs today!

Mrs. Cupcake said... Reply to comment

I love those cupcakes!
A Cupcake for the Teacher

Holly said... Reply to comment

Oh my gosh, you are the cutest Things ever! Where did you get the wigs?

Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

Kimberley said... Reply to comment

I awarded you the One Lovely Blog Award. Come over and check it out.

First in Maine

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