One More New Years Freebie!

I made a quick New Years themed ABC order worksheet for my firsties and wanted to share it with all of you. I just think these little New Years pandas are so stinking cute! Almost as cute as the little baby who was ahead of us in line at the grocery store this afternoon! I'm talking cuteness with a capital C, totally made my tired old biological clock rev up again! New baby?! Nah, I'm not quite that masochistic - I've got enough on my plate with a crop of firsties, a husband and 4 kids of my own. My husband is also on the prowl for a new puppy so if anyone around Oklahoma has a blue tick beagle puppy for sale, he's in the market! (don't ask me what a blue tick beagle is - the name conjures up visions of a huge, leggy, blood-sucking canine with floppy ears. Or is that just me?)

I am going back to work tomorrow and I actually can't wait - even though my lesson plans aren't done yet. Yep, you heard me, 2 weeks off and still no lesson plans! What can I say, I work well under pressure I guess! Don't worry, we're having pot pies for dinner so while they're in the oven I'll whip up some plans really quick. The hard part will be choosing from all the wonderful things I've been printing off everyone's blogs over break! I do miss my firsties though - I hope they are as excited to be back tomorrow as I will be to see them!

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Kristin said... Reply to comment

I LOVE puppies!!!! :) How exciting!
Have a great day tomorrow!
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Klinger Cafe' said... Reply to comment

Yep sounds like a hoooouuund dog, a coon hunting hoooouund dog. I'll keep my floppy ears open for one as long as he doesn't mind driving north a bit. And don't feel bad no lesson plans here either, but we have until Wednesday.

Jeannie said... Reply to comment

What cute activities. I am glad I found you site and I now follow you!

Come see me!

Miss Moore said... Reply to comment

As nice as breaks are, it was so nice to see my little ones again!

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