Color By Sum/Number Gingerbread Freebie!

This morning I only had 13 students in class! Hallelujah, it's game day! Yep, I figured that since I couldn't really introduce anything new with 5 students out, I'd have a fun day for the kids and actually knock out some of the testing that I need to finish since report cards are due to the office before we leave for Christmas break! I really wish we could hold off on testing/report cards until the end of January because there seems to be a time warp during Christmas break and my little ones are suddenly more mature and able to listen and apply skills! We ended up having two friends show up late, but it was still a very chill day. I was able to Literacy First test 7 of my kids, which has to be a 1 day record! AND most of them made progress! A LOT of progress! Yippee! I am crossing my fingers that I will have more kiddos out tomorrow so I can test the rest of my class (be honest, you love those days when a stomach bug rages through the class - as long as it skips you!)
Anyways, since today was such a fun day (think lots of reading, perler beads and writing Christmas themed stories)  and since everyone was majorly well-behaved while I was testing, I decided to make a fun Color By Sum gingerbread worksheet to celebrate! If you'd prefer, there's also a simple Color by Number version - good for those little ones who finish early and ask "What can I do now?"
Gingerbread Chef Color by Sum

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Amy said... Reply to comment

So cute! Thank you!

Sarah said... Reply to comment

You've been awarded the Liebster Blog award. It is being passed on to up-and-coming blogs. Come on over and check it out!

Fantastic 1st Grade

Barbara said... Reply to comment

Hi Jennifer! I love your gingerbread stuff and I've just given you a shout-out on today's post. You can see it here:
Have a super day and thanks for being so generous:)

Grade ONEderful
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