Veteran's Day (plus a Silent E freebie!)

Being a veteran myself, I love doing it up right for Veteran's Day. This year I am going to try to get a bus so I can take my firsties out to sing for one of our local veterans' groups. I absolutely love Dr. Jean's Veteran's Day song. Last year my class had the honor of singing that song to Dr. Jean when she came for an in-service for the teachers. She got there early the day before and came by the school to give an impromptu concert! Afterwards we got our class picture taken with her and my kinders begged to sing her the song and she was gracious enough to agree to stay to listen to it. the song is on this awesome 2 cd set - along with Albuquerque Turkey, Stand Up For Martin Luther King and many more songs for every season and holiday you can think of! I seriously use it all year long.

Speaking of veterans, 2 years ago I had a little girl in my class who's mama had been deployed several times. Her daughter had some difficulties adjusting to mommy being gone, so her mom wrote a book to help her cope with the deployments. It's for sale on Amazon and it's fabulous!

Mrs. McBride was nice enough to give me a copy for my class since her daughter was my student! Often times children have a difficult time expressing the guilt, frustration, anger, and sadness that they feel as the result of their mom's deployment.There are more and more moms being deployed, and I really think that this book is helpful - not only for those children who are directly affected by deployment, but also to show children the sacrifice that soldiers and their families make to keep our country safe.
Finally, I made a Silent E game for Veteran's Day. I haven't been feeling good lately, but a trip to the doctor yesterday led to a diagnosis of bronchitis and a prescription for some meds that have me feeling much better, so I am on a creating binge now lol. I hope you enjoy it, and as always, I'd love it if you left a comment! Click the picture to download the game for free!

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