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I went to Sam's Club tonight for dry erase markers, lamination film and ink for my printer - and was astounded at how much it added up to! Luckily my husband didn't seem to be paying attention lol! But seriously, there are so many great ideas out in blog world that I seem to be constantly printing and laminating something. I need to find a support group for teachers who print out too much stuff!

Tonight I'm folding laundry and preparing for my observation tomorrow. In deference to the "no fingers" rule at my school I will be doing a lesson on coins - just identification and value, no adding or counting involved, so those little fingers should stay tucked out of sight! We don't generally have any behavior problems, so cross your fingers for me that this holds true tomorrow!

By the way, did you know that Diary of a Wimpy Kid came out today? I haven't read it yet, but it must be pretty good because after a brief tussle over who would get to read it first, my two oldest children sat on the carpet in my classroom after school and read it together, giggling the whole time! I will have to sneak a look at it tonight when they're both in bed :)  By the way, I love the pre-order feature from Scholastic Books - so convenient to have the book just show up at my classroom on the release date!

Want to hear the sweetest thing? My 9 year old is loving his teacher this year. And tomorrow is her birthday.
So last week he made up a list of questions and asked her to answer them. Then he used her answers to try to figure out what to buy her and how to decorate her card. He absolutely loves to get things for his teachers. When he was in 2nd grade he had a male teacher and had his heart set on getting him something for Valentine's Day. I had to talk him out of the giant teddy bear and guide him towards a small box of chocolates lol! We had dinner at Atlanta Bread Company tonight (Kid's Night for the win!) so we picked up some chocolate goodies for his teacher while we were there, I hope she enjoys them! Here's his very subtle questionnaire :)

In other news, our school is being a bit premature this year - the secretary was decorating a huge Christmas tree in the foyer this morning. You'd think we could get through one holiday before putting up the decorations for the next! However, I am thankful that we do not have to be anti-Christmas at our school - each classroom has a small tree that we can decorate and we can do any kind of non-secular Christmas book/craft/activity. The other first grade teacher does have one student who is Jehovah's Witness this year so she is sticking to gingerbread and snowmen, so look for me to be posting those soon. We have a "Curriculum Morning" on Friday before school, where parents are supposed to come to class and see what their kids are working on this quarter and get some ideas to take home to help them practice at home. My great teammate organized everything for Friday and knowing that I am not a morning person (understatement!) she is even setting it all up in her classroom so that I can just show up at 8am rather than having to come in even earlier (shudder!) to get it ready in my room! So of course I am making anything she asks for  in return, you'll benefit too since I'll share whatever I make for her :)

Alright, I think I've babbled on long enough, that laundry isn't folding itself. I'll leave you with a little freebie though - hope you enjoy!
Syllables Thanksgiving

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