Observation Over!

Yay! We did much better with our observation this time - just did a quick lesson on coins and then had them sort some images of pennies and nickels and color and glue them. Figured there wasn't much that could go wrong there and I was right. Of course, a few of my little guys tried to push their luck - one tried to sit in someone else's seat rather than his own, but luckily I was able to give him "the look" and he quickly moved before it became a big issue. One of my Queen Bees was conveniently at a dentist appointment during my observation, so I didn't have any of those issues popping up either. My principal did walk around and question the kiddos, but everyone she went to knew what they were doing. She ended up saying it was an "excellent lesson", so I'm glad that's over for a few months at least! I'll have another observation in the Spring, but it will be a reading lesson so the whole finger thing shouldn't come up :)

After school I helped to decorate the tables for our Thanksgiving feast tomorrow. The superintendent is coming to eat lunch with the intermediate classes and the soldiers who volunteered last month. The tables turned out beautifully - so lucky our kindergarten teacher runs a catering business too! Here are a couple of pictures of the table - don't you love those teepees? She made them from starched muslin and dowels!

Well that's it for tonight - my husband is working late so I need to make dinner and make sure the kids get their homework done without his help. I also have a pile of lamination to cut out - but then again, when don't I have lamination to cut?!

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Meredith said... Reply to comment

I'm so glad your observation went better this time! That must be such a relief to have that over with! I always have a huge pile of laminating to cut out too-it's endless!
Keen on Kindergarten

Tina said... Reply to comment

Oh YAY for you and your class, Jennifer!! I am so happy to hear that this observation went so well. Congrats on a fabulous job!! Happy 'end of the week' to you:)
Good Morning Mrs Rubie

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