What a Day!

I had a doozy of a day today! It felt like I was only actually in the classroom for about 40 minutes tops today. I poured two cups of coffee today and didn't get to drink either cup before it went cold. I was dealing with a issue with one of my sweethearts, so I spent my time talking to the counselor, talking to the principal, talking to the police, and talking to DHS. My heart is breaking for this little guy, but I have to think that maybe this is for the best in the long run, even if it sucks for him in the short run.
After school I picked up the ornaments my daughter and I made last weekend at Pigment of Your Imagination. They turned out too cute! I also got a $50 gift certificate for $25 while I was there, so I am going to take my boys next time as well (Heaven help me with 3 boys in a pottery shop lol!) Here's a pic of the ornaments - mine was the owl and I am in love with him. I am thinking of painting more just like him, only in different colors.

I realized last night that we hadn't really done a lot of comparing numbers lately in class, so I made this very simple apple themed activity. I made most of the cards in black and white to save on ink. It can either be used for More Than, Less Than, or just for ordering the numbers from least to greatest. I hope someone out there can use it :)
Comparing Numbers (Apple Theme)

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Jennifer said... Reply to comment

I just awarded you the I heart your blog award! But I see that you've already gotten it!

Rowdy in First Grade

Tina said... Reply to comment

Oh dear, I hope things improve for your little class member... and for you:) I LOVE your little owl, I am a huge owl fan and yours is so sweet! Thanks also for sharing your Numbers activity and for your lovely comment on my last post!! Hope you have a lovely week ahead and that you get to drink some hot coffee :)
Good Morning Mrs Rubie

Meredith said... Reply to comment

I love your ornaments-especially the owl! I love hanging ornaments on the tree that are handmade-they always make you remember the day you made them :)
Keen on Kindergarten

Two Little Cavaliers said... Reply to comment

Stopping by to say hello from Follow me Wednesday.

So sorry to hear about your student that is in need of so much intervention. I do hope that things work out for him and his life gets better now that the authorities stepped in.


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