Sight Word Freebie

I have been thinking about what my firsties are needing to practice the most and I decided to make a sight word game that I'd like to share with you!

We're a Literacy 1st school, so I used words from List A, but they're mostly the same as the pre-k and kindergarten Dolch lists. My firsties are expected to know 100 sight words by December, which really isn't that much, however some of them didn't get any sight words in kindergarten so they're starting out behind. One of the ways I intend to reinforce sight words is with this "I have...Who has...?" game. I love this type of game because even my advanced kiddos will happily play along without getting bored and it provides much needed practice for my moderate to low groups. I made a set of 32 cards even though I only have 20 firsties right now. Its not a problem to have extra cards - I can just give some students more than one card at a time - the problem comes when you don't have enough cards for everyone to play, so it's always better to have more than enough! Click the picture to grab this game for free!
I'm having tons of fun on Fall break - just hanging around the house, catching up on housework and playing with the kids. Tomorrow I will be sharing a math game I'm making - my firsties need tons of math practice!

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Kailey said... Reply to comment

This sight word game was removed from the website and I'd just love to use it in my classroom. Is there any way you can please send it to my email? I'd really appreciate it!!
Thanks so much,


Jennifer Knopf said... Reply to comment

Hi Kailey!
I went ahead and updated the link, so now you can find it for free in my TPT store!


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