My Week In Review

This is going to be a picture heavy post, hope you enjoy!

We did a couple of activities from Deanna Jump's Apple Unit:
(Deanna's unit includes the labels for each square, but I wanted my firsties to write it themselves.)
This book was a bit simplistic for my firsties, but they enjoyed the illustrating and the surprise ending!
(This is my youngest son, he is almost like a mascot for our class lol. Since I've taught so many of these kiddos before they've heard lots of  stories about "Baby Joshua" and they are thrilled that he's acorss the hall in kindergarten now! He gets hugged in the hallway all the time by my sweet firsties.)

We also made these torn paper apple trees. My firsties really enjoyed this craft! We spent about 40 minutes on them on Friday afternoon and will probably have another 30 minutes to finish them on Monday. We put on a cd and had a relaxed afternoon, tearing and pasting! Here is a finished product and 2 more under construction:

We did my plural word sorting and my firsties caught on super quick. I'm hoping it transfers into their writing next week!
 (map is in the wrong place - must have happened when I straighten the chart at the end of the day, because I remember the student who had that apple and I know he put it in the right space! Click the picture to get this freebie word sort)

Here is our non fiction farm book from last week. We had a lot of fun with this one! I placed the pages in document protectors in a binder and it is now in our reading center.

One of my girls brought in her own binder and paper this week and asked if she could make her own book during her free time. It turned out to be a collaboration between 3 girls and I thought it turned out super cute! I am going to let my firsties choose small groups to write their own books next week since everyone was so inspired by this group.  I plan on brainstorming Fall themed book ideas to get them started on Monday.

Title: "The Sun Always Pops Out On Me."
I like the Fall.
Playing in the sun.

She found a sun flower (gotta love the inventive spelling!)
She found a boyfriend. (the boy is saying "I love you baby") I barely stopped myself from laughing when I saw this page, but I didn't want to hurt their feelings.

Our estimation was getting a bit stale so I bought these glass jars from the Dollar Tree. The one on the left is our benchmark. It holds 36 medium size pom poms. Each day I change the amount of pom poms in the other two jars so we can estimate how many in each. Soon I'll change the size of the pom poms. My firsties love our estimating during calendar, and they are really starting to get the hang of using the benchmark to guide their estimates.

Whew that's it for now! I went in to work for a little bit today to change out my tree to Fall theme. I ran out of leaves though, so I didn't take pictures yet. Look for those later this week along with more apple themed ideas! I'm linking up this week in review with The Organized Classroom - click the picture to check it out!

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Meredith said... Reply to comment

We made the "Who took the apples from the apple tree" book from Deanna's unit too. I put it in our library center and it is totally the most popular book now-my students love reading it. Your torn paper apple trees are darling-you must have such patient students to sit there and tear up so much paper. We did one craft activity with tearing paper and my kids kept raising their hands to ask if I could tear it for them! I guess they needed the fine motor practice!
Keen on Kindergarten

Brenda said... Reply to comment

Just wanted to thank you for all your cute ideas and freebies. I really appreciate it!

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