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We had the Firefighters at our school for the 2nd day in a row today! Yesterday they had our kiddos going through a smoke house - my firsties loved it! Today we watched the video "Be cool About Fire Safety" - you know the one, it's been around since I was a kid, with that catchy little jingle and the girl wearing overalls. Luckily the kids never notice how outdated every one's clothes are!

We got to see the fire truck up close, plus they made the water spray which was neat. We're planning a great fiction class book - it is going to be fire truck related and totally cute so I had my firsties pose with the truck so we can add it to our book just like real authors and illustrators have their pictures in books! I'd give more info, but it's top secret for now until it's finished and then I will post it - we plan on making a copy for the firefighters as well!

During the presentation, one firefighter put on all his bunker gear and went up and down the rows giving the kids high fives so that they wouldn't be afraid of firefighters. One little darling in our Transitional First class stopped the fireman and asked "Are you the one who came to my house when my mom passed out?" It just kills me what some of our little ones deal with!

On a slightly funnier note, another little darling was in tears for a long time after the firefighters left and her teacher couldn't figure out what was wrong. Finally the little girl blurted out "The fireman said to have two exits, but my mom won't fit through the window!" She was eventually reassured that mama could get out the bigger living room windows, but since mama is our custodian's cousin she got a lot of teasing about it - lots of offers to bring some Crisco over in case of a fire lol. (BTW, Mama is not really that big, which just made it even more funny!)

Here's a few pictures from today. When I told the teachers to gather for a picture with the fireman Mrs. McKelvey asked why we were taking a picture with the fireman. I had to roll my eyes a bit "Because he's a fireman...duh!" There's just something about a man in uniform...

(I'm the one right next to Nick the Fireman)

In an unrelated bit of news, my son is running for Vice President of Student Council and gave his speech today. I have to give a shout out to him because he did a fabulous job - seriously, I'm not just saying that because I'm his mom. The election is tomorrow so cross your fingers for him please! Here's a picture of him on the podium during his speech- look at the eye contact with his audience!

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HA! I love it. Mom can't fit through the window. This is what keeps her awake at night!

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