A drawback to being a teacher is.....

coming into contact with every germ imaginable! I have been lucky up to this point this year, I didn't get sick once the whole first quarter! Now, however,  I am under the weather big time! I actually considered not going to work tomorrow, but I couldn't get up the energy to arrange everything for a sub. Not to mention I have my pre-conference for my first observation tomorrow (and somehow I must have left my evaluation forms at school so I am going to have to go in early to fill them out! Darn me and my procrastination!)

Anyways, today we had some officers from Fort Sill come out and "volunteer" in our classrooms. We didn't have any prior notice that they were coming, they just showed up and got shoved into classrooms :) My students were a bit confused at first since they're not used to seeing a soldier who isn't my husband in the classroom. I had to explain a few times that I was not married to this particular soldier, even though he had the same hair cut and uniform as my husband lol! My kiddos were wonderfully behaved, they loved having him there to help! He read them one of our new Elephant & Piggie books - my firsties love Elephant & Piggie so they were soooo into him reading it, it was precious! I'd post pictures but of course I left my camera at school :(

My son's kindergarten class got the prize for most awkward moment though. Their soldier was fielding questions and comments from the class. Mostly along the lines of "I'm going to be in the Army when I grow up." or  "My dad is in the Army". Up pops a little girl's hand, and when the soldier calls on her she blurts out "My daddy cheated on my mommy!" The poor guy was frozen for a split second and then quickly called on someone else! The things these babies say!

I am crossing my fingers that this is just a quick little cold bug that goes away with a good night's rest, so hopefully I will be back up to speed tomorrow, I really want to share my postcard bulletin board with you!

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Hope you feel better soon!
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