Question about Rewards and Ocean pictures!

Whew! It's Friday again! I have a TON of work to do - progress reports are due Monday! I am absolutely flabbergasted that we have are sending progress reports home already. It seems like just yesterday we were starting school! I am still struggling with grading - what to grade, what criteria to grade by etc. The hardest part is assessing what is "grade level" and what is "above grade level" work.

I also have to tweak my behavior plan. I'm using the clip chart behavior system (found here). because we still do not have a budget and therefore we haven't bought our yearly planners yet. I ran my behavior plan letter by the principal but she wants me to offer a reward for students who go above green on the chart. Now, everyone who is green or above all week gets a trip to the treasure box, but I hadn't planned on offering extra incentives for the extra levels. Does anyone have an idea for this? I was planning on blinging up their clothespins - every 5 times they are above green they get a sticker and after 5 stickers they get a new clothespin, but I wasn't intending to offer any other extrinsic rewards. Last year when I only had a 4 step system (4 was great, 3 was good, 2 was had to be reminded about procedure, and 1 was interfered with learning and had to be removed from class) I didn't offer a special reward for 4's and students still worked to get them. I really am resisting the idea of offering more "prizes", especially since I am trying to save up for desperately needed books! (By the way, if you don't vote for anyone on Limeades for Learning, would you consider supporting my class? It's quick and free, just click the icon on the top right sidebar)

In other news, here are the pictures (finally!) of our ocean of creatures! The shark and orca came from Deanna Jump's Ocean Animals Math and Literacy Unit.
 Look how long our display is! I had to make a super huge ocean to fit all of the creatures we made!

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Kerri said... Reply to comment

When my kids get the highest level on the behavior plan, I put a jewel on their clip and then I made a beaded necklace for them to wear the next day. I'm not sure the girl who reached the highest level cared anything about the necklace but the other kids were interested in it. I'm hoping that will make them work a little harder.

Doodle Bugs Paper said... Reply to comment

I have a gumball machine and have the little gumballs in it- and they get a gumball at the end of the day.

I also have different rewards throughout the year. that are free...
Good notes to parents
Extra trip to the library to get an additional book
extra recess time
skip homework
sit in our "star desk"

bnwalton said... Reply to comment

I use the clip chart as well. I don't do this, but the other third grade teacher does. She has the levels numbered (parent contact -1, teacher's choice-2, etc.). She records their points daily and whoever has the most points at the end of the week gets a jewel on their clip. While I use the clip chart, I don't feel like I love it. I use a clipboard as well and this is where I record all of their misbehavior. I allow students to go to the prize box at the end of the week who have nothing written on my clipboard. I feel like I've gotten a lot better at my prize box honing skills. Anything I'm about to throw away usually goes in there (CDs from our music teacher to practice songs for PTA, teaching freebies I don't need, etc.). Sometimes I get things from the dollar bin (at Target of course!) and separate the packages (ie: a pack of 12 pencils = 12 prizes). My coworker doesn't have a prize box with tangible items, rather free things in the classroom: Computer time at the end of the day, sit in the teacher's chair, etc.). I hope this helps!

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Holly said... Reply to comment

I have a post about what I do when a student goes above and beyond along with our Circle of Respect

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