International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Monday is International Talk Like a Pirate Day and I am taking that opportunity to introduce "ar" words. Now, according to the pacing calendar we don't introduce R-controlled vowels until the 2nd semester, but I couldn't resist this opportunity. I have a handful of students that are actually ready for this, and the others can only benefit from exposure. I'm making shirts today for myself and my firstie partner, along the lines of the one on The Inspired Apple (by the way, totally buying her pirate unit when I teach this in depth 2nd semester). I also made a memory type game with some adorable clip art from Pixelpapers. It can be used as an individual matching type of activity or a small group memory game. Some of my firsties are reading way above grade level, so some of the words are a bit harder, but since there are 24 words you can choose the ones you want your kiddos to work on and only play with those. Check it out and if you like it, please leave me a comment, they really make my day!
International Talk Like a Pirate Day Game

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Tina said... Reply to comment

Hi Jennifer! Thanks so much for giving me the link to this post! Love your game and can't wait to use it!! Thanks so much for sharing :)
Good Morning Mrs Rubie

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