Classroom Pictures (from my neighbor across the hall!)

Across the hall from my classroom is my teaching fairy godmother Mrs. McKelvey. She is made of awesome! Seriously. You want creative, cute or delicious? She's got all 3 covered. She was a high school home ec. teacher for 12 years plus runs a catering business "on the side". Last year she gave my daughter after school cooking lessons (for free!) and taught her how to make a pumpkin roll that is to die for! All of this, plus she's amazingly patient and has a great sense of humor with her students. My youngest is in her class now and I couldn't choose a better teacher :) She was kind enough to allow me to share some pictures of her classroom with you all so here goes:

 She made this palm tree to go along with her Chicka Chicka unit.

 This is her desk at the front of the room, it's a plam tree now, but she changed it throughout the year to match different themes. Note the tape on the floor, this is the "Danger Zone" and only the teacher is allowed behind the tape. So far her kids have been good about observing this and not peeling up the duct tape.

 This tree is where she will hang letters, sight words etc. Right after I took this picture she added leaves with all her kinders' names on them. Too cute! She uses velcro dots and the leaves are just from a spray of artifial leaves that she cut apart.

One of her blinds broke and the district can't replace it so she put up this cute valance and contact paper to cover the window (the glare was right on her Smartboard before). The curtain below hides her teacher books.

Ready for the best part? Her new kitchen! She got an old desk from a teacher who was leaving her classroom to become an instructional coach and transformed it into a play kitchen for her classroom:

 She set the sink and burners into the desk top.

 The oven has a light you can click on!

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 I forgot to take picture of the inside of the fridge, but the door opens so the kids can store all their food on the two shelves inside.

She made some cards to hang above the kitchen so her kinders can write about their play.

Isn't she fabulous? I forgot to add that she made poodle skirts for about 50 kindergarten girls(and their teachers!) last year for our 50th Day of School. She made tutus for about 15 kinder girls who took part in Showcase. Here's some pictures of the 50's day decorations.

 Yes, that's me in a poodle skirt lol.

Here's me on the left, our other Kinder teacher on the right and Mrs. McKelvey in the back seat! We took pictures of the kids behind this car facade, had Coke floats and did a ton of math activities for 50's day. I can't wait to see what we come up with for this year!

Well, that's it for now, thanks so much to Mrs. McKelvey for letting me share these pictures of  her classroom!

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Ms. Preppy said... Reply to comment

What a cute room! That desk/kitchen is AMAZING!!

Also--if you emailed me about my contest, I didn't get it! Can you try again so I can get you your gift card? :) Thanks!!

Ms. Preppy's Adventures in Primary and Polka Dots

GramK said... Reply to comment

Did you make the photo booth prop of the old car yourself? Or did you purchase it? I am in search of such a prop....

Jennifer Knopf said... Reply to comment



This was handmade out of wood and then painted.


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