Aaaarrrr Mateys! Talk Like a Pirate Day in review plus a farm freebie!

Oh my word I had fun today! AND there was not a single worksheet in sight all day! This is good, because I am way behind on grading. We are required to keep 3 grades a week for math and reading and I am drowning. In kindergarten we kept anecdotal records and used our Title I math test and Literacy 1st assessments for report cards, so I didn't actually keep weekly grades. I really, really hate worksheets, but I obviously have to have at least some each week, just so I can grade. I am going to try to keep worksheets to a minimum and have more "fun" days like today.

Here's a picture of the super cute shirt I made - I was a Pink Pirate for International Talk Like a Pirate Day. One of our stations this afternoon was playing the "ar" memory game I shared yesterday. The kids loved it! I had about 5 students who were really ready to learn r controlled vowels, another 6 or 7 that seemed to benefit form the exposure and the other 6 just had fun playing the game and commenting on the rhyming words.

At the end of the day we followed the directions on our pirate map - mostly to reinforce left and right since some of my firsties still don't know those. At the very end we came to our classroom closet and inside was my "treasure chest" with mini chocolate bars. Needless to say, the kids were so excited. I am sure they are going to be talking about this for days!

I realized that I had not yet made a dice/graph set for my farm unit so I remedied that very quickly and I'm sharing it today. I really like these because the kids can do them independently, and they enjoy them! I included a recording sheet this time, just in case you want to have some accountability for your station.
Farm Unit Die

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