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I just had to share a few things with you all this morning. Mrs. Patton shared about using Voki technology in the classroom and I had to try it. Here's my little chipmunk for my class, I think they'll love it!

Also, my friend tried out a "Two Headed Monster Clean Up" idea and I had to take pictures a) because it was so funny and b) because my baby is in her class! The premise is to take some huge xxxl shirts and stick 2 kinder students in each one. They then have to work cooperatively to get the cleaning done. There was a lot of falling down (that's my boy in the orange shirt on the floor in most of the pictures) but my friend is convinced that with practice this can be done - it sure was fun for the kids!

Finally, just a few notes from the first day of school:

One of my students from last year threw a fit in the morning, refused to get off the bus, punched the principal in the stomach, took off his shoes and socks and threw them etc. The counselor came down to my room and asked if I could go up the hall to see him and she'd watch the rest of my firsties. Well I walk up to see him on the bench, the principal poised to keep him from bolting or flailing and the bus driver trying to talk to him. He was obviously having none of it. I knelt down, and said "Hey remember me? It's Mrs. Knopf, you're coming back to my class again. Let's go!" and picked him up in my arms. The prinicipal asked if she should come down to my class, but I told her it'd be fine and IT WAS!

Once I got him to my room it took about 40 minutes for him to stop crying and actually put his shoes back on, but at after that he READ A BOOK and TALKED to me! Now, with you not knowing this child you have no idea how huge this is, but trust me, I was amazed. He called me by name and he gave eye contact! At lunch time he even volunteered to eat and got his own tray! He wouldn't sit at a table or do any work, but when we made our Jitter Juice he asked to try it! He even did some dancing with us! I am still going to have him tested because he has lots of issues, but I was so pleased to see that he is going to be much easier to work with this year!

Another first day treat was having my youngest across the hallway from me! His teacher has taught him to give me a thumbs up and mouth "Thumbs up Mama!" when he sees me in the hallway, it is too cute! I caught him one time looking in my room from the hallway and showing me off to one of his friends "That's my mom!" lol.

The funniest part happened in the afternoon. His teacher sent him to my room to ask me for something. He has a speech impediment, so to me it sounded like he was asking for a "back soapy". I tried getting him to repeat himself but it wasn't any clearer. I asked if she was washing something and he said "No, a back soapy for writing!" Ohhh! A black sharpie! Maybe he wasn't the best choice of children to come ask for something lol!

A little while later he marched back in the room, came up to me and gave me a hug and a kiss and I asked him what his teacher needed. "Nothing." he said, and walked back out of the room. After school I asked if that had been a sanctioned visit and his teacher admitted that it was not. The first she knew of it was when he was walking back in the room lol. I had to give him a little talk about not leaving his class without the teacher's permission!

Finally, a quick freebie. I have been printing off all the Pete the Cat materials I can from everyone's blogs and decided to make a quick roll the dice math activity to go with. Click here to grab it!

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LOVED this post because my oldest will be starting Kinder at my school this year. I'm nervous but you made it sound great so I'm hoping it will be for us, too! Thanks for sharing!
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