Think Write Share Linky Party

Farley from Oh' Boy Fourth Grade came up with a cool linky party!
"Write down what you are currently
(include 3 Blogs one has to be non teacher)"

Here's my list! Make sure you join up, I'd love to read yours!


Listening ~ my Pandora “Glee” channel. (yes I paid for a year’s unlimited listening) For some reason though, my “Glee” channel keeps getting corrupted by Timbaland, Frank Sinatra and Lady Antebellum ~ nothing against any of them, just not on my “Glee” channel please!

Loving ~ my husband! He called and asked me to meet him for lunch at our favorite Mexican place. After a relaxing lunch I accidently left my keys in his truck (don’t ask!) and now he’s going to run them home in between doing 50 other things at work just so I can go to the Dollar Store lol!

Thinking ~ I need to find some cheap, fun things to do to make the next 2 weeks fun for my kiddos before we go back to school ~ they’re all getting cabin fever but it’s 110 degrees here in Oklahoma so I don’t want to leave the house!

Wanting ~ to get into my classroom, but my hall can’t get in until next week because our floors aren’t done L. I really need to get some of this stuff out of my living room!

Needing ~ I need some space/time to go through the boxes of clothes we got back from the cleaners after our fire. All of my work clothes are in there somewhere but I hadn’t wanted to unpack the boxes because I thought we’d be moving back into our house by the end of August. Since the contractor hasn’t even started yet, I don’t think that schedule is going to happen!

Stalking ~ Meet the Dubiens: I love her Fun Food Fridays!
        Chalk Talk: A Kindergarten BlogShe introduced me to Pete the Cat!
        Heidisongs: I love her ideas!

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oh' boy said... Reply to comment

thanks for linking up...
OH NO a fire... I am so so so sorry!!! (insert over exaggerated sad face here)
and how SWEET is your hubby!!!
thanks again for linking up!!!

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