Quick Dollar Store Inspired Freebie

I am trying to think cool thoughts this evening as my a/c unit died this afternoon. It is 96 degrees in the house and no one can come fix it until tomorrow! So I decided to throw together a quick activity to go with the ice cream bowls I bought at the Dollar Tree yesterday. They come in sets of 3, with matching spoons - just too cute to resist! I plan to use them as a center activity with pom poms. The students pick a card and then add that many pom poms to their bowl. Later in the year I will adapt it for addition/subtraction, but for right now it will be a counting/fine motor activity. Here's what the bowls look like:

Click here for the cards to go with.
UPDATE: I added more! A page to practice color recognition, and a page to practice reading color words.

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K. Mo said... Reply to comment

Love this. Great for fine motor and math! Plus your kids will love using those cute bowls and spoons. I was thinking about using this for kids who need help with number strings, to show that no matter what order they add the numbers, they get the same answer. Thanks for sharing.
Flamingo Fabulous in Second Grade

Jill said... Reply to comment

Love this! So cute! Thanks for sharing!

Color Me Happy in Kindergarten

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