New Classroom Pet!

 Shhh, don't tell the principal!

 My kindergarten friend found this little guy in amongst her 27 kiddos and captured him in a pencil box. I promptly volunteered to take him into my classroom! He is a Common House Gecko, originally from Asia but now common to the southern half of the U.S. due to hitchhiking on ships.

We made a temporary home for him in this small Kritter Keeper. My firsties were fascinated with him. We talked about how to learn about how to care for him (one darling said "go to on the computer" lol, so I tried it at home and it's actually a good site for lizard care!).  And, since he was in the school anyways, it's not really like he's a pet - this is more like I'm just keeping him where we can see him rather than letting him wander the school at will. Do you think that excuse will fly?!

 My son actually loves lizards, and wants to take him home, so after a few weeks he will probably make the transition to full time Knopf family pet, but in the meantime he is keeping my firsties engaged! Tomorrow I am going to try to put him under the document camera so we can observe him up close - let's see what kind of writing I can get out of my firsties then!

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Desiree said... Reply to comment

Exciting about your class pet. It will be fun to hold. Make sure you contact me as you are the #3 winner of my giveaway. Congrats Jennifer!

Kinders on the Block

Mrs. Gaither said... Reply to comment

One of my kinders brought in a "northern fence lizard" last year and we explored it under the document camera and researched to find out about "it". We found out that "it" was a boy. So much fun!
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