Most Wonderful time of The Year Linky Party

Cluuter-Free Classrooms is having a linky party about why you love the Back-to-School season. She's even linked up that funny (to adults!) Staples commercial with the Dad singing as he shops for school supplies! This is one of my favorite times of year, and not just because the Oklahoma heat (triple digit temperatures for 2 months!) is keeping everyone inside with a raging case of cabin fever! Here's my list:

1.  There is nothing like opening a brand new box of crayons and dumping it into a sparkling clean caddy. I actually got a chill when I dumped them in, and I had to take a picture! Let's hope that this year no one colors ON the caddy!

2.  Scholastic Book Order forms! I love getting the September catalog and seeing the new books and specials for the school year! This year Scholastic is combining orders over all the catalogs for bonus points so I am extra excited!

3. Everything that was old and boring is new and fun again! Including me! Suddenly I'm a teacher-goddess again as my new students are in awe of me lol.

4.  The kindergarten students look so tiny at the beginning of the year! It is amazing how much they grow by May!

5.  Seeing all my lovelies from last year again – it is amazing how a summer break makes me miss those kiddos so much – even the one that was making me pull my hair out in May!
    <>Alright, run over to Clutter-Free Classrooms and link up now, I want to read why this is your favorite time of year!

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Pam and Jess said... Reply to comment

Oooh, every book order is like Christmas for me. I love them too!
Pam@Kindergarten Night Owls

Hadar said... Reply to comment

Love your supply caddy!! Where did you get it??

Jennifer Knopf said... Reply to comment

@ Hadar

I got them at Walmart - less than $3! They are made by Sterilite. This year they only had black, grey, pink and blue though. 2 years ago I found green, purple and yellow as well. I am keeping my eyes peeled for them because they fit everything so nicely! I have one for each of my tables :)


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