Keys, keys, keys (or, "How I Wasted a Whole Day")

 Last night my darling husband had to pull duty which meant he worked 24 hours straight. When he got home this morning at 8:30 guess what he did? Sleep? Nope! He actually went with me to our storage unit so he could help me haul all of my stuff to my classroom! Isn't he sweet?! The only problem was, we lost the key! As late as last week it was sitting in the cup holder in his truck, but today it was nowhere to be found! After a trip home to ransack the house, we finally had to arrange for someone to come cut the lock off tomorrow (it is one of those fancy round locks so a special tool is needed to get at it). But, never fear, I still won't have to haul it all by myself since my husband is giving up his lunch hour tomorrow to come help instead. He really is a sweetheart :)

Well, since I couldn't do any furniture moving, I decided to run into school to laminate and put up some of my bulletin boards. Unfortunately we ran out of lamination and the know-how to reload the laminator is a closely guarded secret that only 2 members of staff are privy to. Of course they weren't in today lol. Hopefully it will be reloaded for me tomorrow!

Well, at least I could set up my calendar right? Nope. I had to lock up all of my Title I purchased materials (including my calendar set) in this huge new cabinet I got last year. Part of our end-of-year checkout was locking the cabinet and turning in the key. However, we now have a new principal and secretary and no one knows what happened to the cabinet keys! After fruitlessly hunting down various people to ask about the keys and wasting a ton of time, I was about to give up. Cue the entrance of my favorite custodian, Mr. Lewis, who found some unlabeled keys and came into my classroom to see if one of them was for my cabinet. No such luck! However, as he was attempting to insert a key, the handle of the cabinet turned and it popped open!

Yep, someone had come along after checkout and unlocked my cabinet but silly me had not even attempted to open it because I so clearly remembered locking it. I didn't think anyone would have been going through it over the summer. It makes me a bit nervous since I'm signed for all of that stuff! Luckily it looked undisturbed. Of course by that point I had already wasted 1/2 my day and still had to go enroll my eldest for 7th grade, so the sum total of what I managed to accomplish in my classroom today was zero!

On the other hand, in direct contradiction of a previous post in which I lamented my lack of DIY savvy,
I have made clipboards! (this is, of course, the equivalent of a caveman saying "I have made fire!")

I have to admit that I had a lot of trouble since a few of the papers I chose were apparently too thin to stand up to the mod podge, but I persevered and enjoyed myself so much that I am still making them! I was originally just going to make one for myself and my teaching partner (Mrs. McKelvey of "Hillbilly Handfishing" catering fame!) but then I realized that I couldn't leave our other kindergarten teacher out of the love. Of course, if we all had one then it wasn't fair not to include the Transitional First teacher who is also part of our "Happy Hall". And, of course if I was going to include her, I absolutely had to make one for our 1st grade friend as well. But that's it, no more, I'm drawing the line! What's that? Well, yes, I did make one for my daughter, which made my son want one, which made my husband ask for one. But that's it! I hope....

Here are some of my creations, I am really proud of myself lol: (please excuse the glare, we have horrible lighting so I had to use the flash)
For my 1st grade friend's Beach themed classroom

Mine :)

Also mine :) How cute is the mini clipboard!

For my friend's Jungle Themed room

My daughter's

My son's (no frou-frou ribbons for him, just dolphin stickers)

Stay tuned tomorrow, something special is coming up!

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MJ said... Reply to comment

Love the clipboards! did you use gift wrap paper or what?? What is the paper with the border?



Jennifer Knopf said... Reply to comment

Hi MJ, thanks for reading! I used the large scrapbooking paper that is sold by the sheet at Hobby Lobby, I did have one print that tore every time I tried to use it, but the rest of them worked very well. The paper with the border is actually just a monkey print scrap booking page with a ribbon added on top. I was lucky enough to find a matching monkey/banana ribbon just by chance. I used Mod Podge to seal it to the board after the paper was on it.


Anonymous said... Reply to comment

Those are adorable!! I need step by step instructions. :)


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