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I am headed to the lake with my husband and kids, going to take some more pictures before the summer ends! But, I just wanted to post about some of the great giveaways that are out there before I go:

How About Them Apples is giving away a super-cute clipboard! You have until the 12th to enter this one.

Kleinspiration is having a giveaway for a $25 Target gift card! Who couldn't use that?! This one ends Tuesday the 9th.

My Second Grade Journal is giving away a $20 gift card for Bath & Body Works! I would love some scented lotion to keep on my desk at work, the air is so dry at school! This one ends on the 12th as well.

Alright, heading to the lake now, toes in the water...toes in the sand...not a worry in the world, a cold Diet Coke in my hand, life is good today!

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