I'm feeling crafty!

Oh my! After looking at all the beautiful things people have been posting on their blogs lately, I became inspired to try to release my inner Miss Crafty. Unfortunately, my inner Miss Crafty is very shy and often gets overwhelmed by Miss Impatient. I seem to be one of the few teachers out here in bloggyville who is not naturally skilled at any number of crafts. Then I saw this Lollipop tree at Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade Tidbits the other day and thought it was something that I could handle. I headed over to the Dollar Tree to see what I could find and look what I made!

I think it turned out super well, considering my past history with crafts! The box came with the lid, I just used a hot glue gun to stick it to the side like that. Then I cut a foam cube to fit inside the box and stuck in the lollipops. Voila! Of course, it's less of a "Lollipop Tree" and more of a "Lollipop Box" now, but I still like it!

Then, I decided to make my "Random Name Generator Bucket" and since they had the boxes in different colors, I had to grab another one for this project.

I used jumbo craft sticks, spray painted them blue and silver and hot glued a decorative stone to one end. When I get my class list I will write a name on each stick. Then, I'll use the sticks to randomly call on children throughout the day. After a child's name is pulled, I put it back in the box, stone side down. When all of the sticks are upside down I know that everyone has had a turn and I flip them all back over. Super easy, but great for when the Smartboard conks out and I can't use my computerized RNG lol.

I am still working on some other things, but our local teaching store is having their annual back-to-school sale. Normally we get 20% off the prices every day, but during the sale we get to pull a slip out of a hat to get a different % off. I am really hoping for that 40% off slip. Cross your fingers for me!

2 Rustle Up A Response!:

Pamela said... Reply to comment

I love your RMG box!

Amanda Plum said... Reply to comment

I love the craft sticks with stones on them - what a great idea! I have a pirate theme in my classroom this year so I think gold coins or jewels would look very jazzy! Thanks for the idea!

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