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Mrs. Lamb is having a fun linky party over at Views from Room 205. There are a lot of things that I use every day that I really couldn't teach without. Here are my top 5:

1. My SmartBoard: one super benefit of teaching at a Title I school is access to technology and I love my SmartBoard. In fact, my projector went down in April while all the techs were busy with fixing testing equipment/computers for the high schools, so I had to do without my SmartBoard for the rest of the year and it was miserable! I am crossing my fingers that they remember to come reinstall it before school starts!

2. Mr. Harry Kindergarten : I love Mr. Harry! He is my go-to guy for youtube videos for my classroom. He makes the best songs and videos and I wish I could attend his class one day! Here is one of his transition songs:

3. My new laminator! Our school ran out of lamination in January and couldn't buy any more for the rest of the school year. I did not realize how much I laminate until then! I am forever printing fun games and activities off my computer (mostly from stalking teacher blogs!) and I hate not having them laminated because they just don't last! This summer I bought myself a home laminator and it is awesome! The lamination is much thicker  and more durable and the cost of the film packets is not too expensive!
4. Dry Erase boards and markers! I have a class set of boards and we are forever using them. This is how we practice forming our letters and numbers, we do guided drawing on them, even draw story problems! Oh, and Staples often has their brand of dry erase markers on sale, 5 for $1 so I keep my eyes out for them too!
Write & Wipe Lapboard

5. My Scentsy plug-in! I love walking in my room and smelling my favorite scents! The plug-in is small enough that the scent doesn't dominate the room, plus I have an outlet above child height so they never
accidentally bump it. Not to mention that the Fire Marshall ignores it!

Head over to the party to check out what everyone else considers essential!

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Mrs. Lamb said... Reply to comment

ooo! Mr Harry! never heard of it. have to check this out! Thanks!

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