Dr. Seuss finds at Target!

On Tuesday we went down to Six Flags over Texas with the kids. We stayed over night and the next day we went shopping! My first stop was Target since there are none where we live. I spent about 20 minutes combing the Dollar section and found some great stuff! I stocked up on birthday badges, a new lesson plan book and alphabet stickers for my Chicka chicka unit. But, the best by far was all of the Dr. Seuss stuff! Now, I don't usually do my Dr. Seuss unit until his birthday in March, but chances are that this stuff won't be available then so I had to grab it now. I organize all of my themes in individual rubbermaid tubs so I am just going to pack this away with my other Dr. Suess stuff until the Spring. Here's what I got:

I am going to use the 3 tote bags to hold my Dr. Seuss books so that the kids can grab a bag to take to the reading center. The note pads and pencils will be in my writing center. The crazy bands and erasers will be in my treasure box, while I use the stickers to mark their work. The pins are for my "Happy Hall" teacher friends to wear since we all do Dr. Seuss at the same time. Last year we even dressed up as Thing 1 and Thing 2, complete with blue wigs!

 Anyways, since I was in a Seussian mood, I decided to share a graph, die and tally mark set I made. You can use the graph with the die by having the students roll the dice and graph the results. If you'd rather they work on tallying, you can give them the tally sheets so they can interview their fellow students and ask which character is their favorite. They can then use the tally sheet to complete the graph. I absolutely love teaching graphing, it is my favorite part of the math curriculum and my kiddos really seem to enjoy it too. I can make a graph for any theme or occasion and often do! The best thing about this is that after the kids are used to the format, I can put the dice and graphs in math center as a solo activity and the kids flock to it! I give my kinders an hour of  free choice centers a day and it warms my heart to see them choose math center as if it's just as fun as home living or blocks (which it should be!).

Click here for the file.

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This activity looks fabulous. Can't wait to try it with my kiddos. Thanks for sharing.