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Last year we did not get a list of student names until about 15 minutes before our Meet & Greet! I was frantically trying to fill in a Welcome Poster with each student's name and label cubbies in the moments before parents started walking in the door. I think it's so much more inviting for a child to see his/her name throughout the room so that a sense of belonging develops from day 1. This year we have a new secretary and principal and I am crossing my fingers that we get class lists in advance!

In addition to labeling the cubbies and having a Welcome sign, I also make placemats from manila folders and run them through the laminator so that it holds up and so we can use dry erase markers on them.  Here is the front of my placemat:

I write the child's first name in the space, using dotted font. We use the folder as a reference throughout the day. Inside the folder I use a handwriting practice page generator like this one to print out a page where the students can practice writing their names. One page is just first names, the other is first and last names. The students keep their folders at their tables, this way if they don't finish their work they can just place it inside their folder and we don't have to worry about losing pieces or having papers get messed up at lunch time (we eat in our classroom). Also, if a student finishes early they can get out a dry erase marker and practice writing their names.

So, that's three places in the classroom that I have the student's names visible from day 1. Do you put their names any where else?

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Mrs. Bee said... Reply to comment

These are so cute!! Do you have a place to keep the folders while they are working on other things? we use tables, and I love this idea but am not sure if the kids would lose their folder pages because they don't have a place closeby to keep them...

Cubbies maybe?

Mrs. Bee
Bee's KinderGarden

Jennifer Knopf said... Reply to comment

@Mrs. Bee

Thanks! The inside pages of the folder I just glue in place before laminating. I also have a caddy on each table that we put the folders under if we need to get them out of the way. The caddy holds glue, scissors, crayons and pencils.

Jill said... Reply to comment

Jennifer, these are SO cute! I have downloaded them and put them in my "you HAVE to make these" file! How nice it will be to have something all ready to add a student's name to when they call from the office and say, "Oh, you have a new student and we're sending her down NOW." Thanks SO much for sharing!

Color Me Happy in Kindergarten

Mrs. Bee said... Reply to comment

I do love that idea! I have the caddie's, too, I never thought about keeping the folders underneath! Do you ever have a problem with the kids keeping them organized? I am definitely excited to make these!! It seems like there are always unfinished pages that just go in cubbies and never get completed. perfect place for these to go to get finished! Thanks so much for sharing!

tassiegirl1980 said... Reply to comment

very cute! Thanks for sharing!
:) Liz

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