Are you a Math Teacher?

During our 3 day workshop on adopting the Core Curriculum the question came up as to whether we kindergarten teachers considered ourselves to be "math teachers". My initial reaction was no, simply because there are so many other things that I teach. Then someone asked if we consider ourselves to be "reading teachers" and automatically I said yes. Do you see the disparity here? I think a lot of teachers are more comfortable with reading than math. If I asked what your hobbies were, a lot of you would probably mention reading. It's something we're comfortable with, something we enjoy. Not to mention, there are tons of resources for it! I don't use a math series or reading series (3 kindergarten teachers and only 2 reading sets and 1 math set = excuse for Mrs. Knopf not to use them lol) but it's amazing how much easier it is for me to find quality phonics/phonemic awareness activities than math material!

This year I am going to focus more on math - not that I didn't before, but this year I want a new depth of knowledge that I didn't require before - even the Title I math assessment doesn't require depth! After this year I want to be able to say "I am a math teacher." and mean it. Sure I "only" teach kindergarten skills like number sense and patterning, but if it weren't for kindergarten then the upper grades would have a much more difficult time lol!

So, here is just a taste of my new math units. When I have it all together I will post them on my TPT store, but I wanted to let you all see this small piece now and hopefully give me some feedback!

Click here for the penguin themed cards and here for the lion ones!

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