Classroom Tested Art Supplies You Need!

Have you heard about Kwik Stix from The Pencil Grip? These are solid tempera paint sticks that dry super quickly and provide vibrant color! I have to admit that I was skeptical at first - my kids love painting at our 4-person easel and I didn't think the experience would be the same with paint stix. Well guess what, it isn't the same, but sometimes it's better!

Here's what I used my Kwik Stix for:

Before Christmas we wrote Thank You cards to our local police officers and to some people who donated items to our classroom. I wanted something more fun and brighter than crayons, but I didn't want to have to wait for paint to dry. I also didn't want to use markers because often the kids over-color with them and end up ripping the paper because it gets too wet. The Kwik Stix were amazing for cards! As you can see from this picture, the colors were vibrant and they didn't smear or bleed into each other like sometimes happens with water colors.

We also used them to paint our craft sticks to make these picture ornaments. They gave great coverage, so this didn't take but a few minutes, whereas getting out the tempera paint and cups, protecting the tables and then cleaning everything up would have taken twice as long! They washed off of my students' fingers easily too!

The absolute best part though, is that they literally dry in 90 seconds or less. So when a child flips the paper over, or puts their sleeve in it, there's no mess! It's also super easy to clean up - it wiped off my tables with a Clorox wipe and no elbow grease needed!

While I would never get rid of my liquid tempera paint or my easel, the ease of use of the Kwik Stix, the easy set-up and clean-up as well as the super quick drying time, make them a must-have addition to my classroom. Oh and in case you're wondering about how long they last,  we've used them on 40+ thank you cards, as well as our ornaments and during Center Time at Art Center a few times, and I am still on my original packs - in other words, they've lasted longer than I thought they would!

In fact, I think these are so great that I'm adding them to my wishlist that I'll be sending out to my parents in a few weeks when tax return season hit (tip: tax return season is the perfect time to hit up your parents for extras for the classroom-start making your list now!)

Want to try them for your classroom? Don't want to wait for a parent to donate them? Enter the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win a free set!

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Disclosure: I received a free set of Kwik Stix to use in my classroom in order to share my own honest opinion of them. I was not compensated in any other way for this post.

13 Rustle Up A Response!:

Angel Norman said... Reply to comment

I would love these! I have had my eye on them for a while! I am getting ready to make over my centers and I would love to use them in my wring/creation center for my 3 and 4 year olds!

Tracy King said... Reply to comment

Oh my goodness! How have I never heard of these. I'm thinking a self portrait project would be perfect!

lorena said... Reply to comment

I'd love to use them on a Mother's Day gift!

kathy said... Reply to comment

I would use them for my special ed students art projects!

Markisha said... Reply to comment

I would use them for little art projects that go with our writings.

Diva Small said... Reply to comment

I love these! I have not used these as of yet, but I'm excited to use them with my Kindergarten class, even if I don't win a set!

Traci Whiting said... Reply to comment

I use these all of the time! They are available to my kiddos to use any time. I also have a set I keep for me to use on anchor charts. They have been great for one of my guys that needed a lot of help with holding a writing tool.

Josie said... Reply to comment

I'll definitely have to check them out! They look great!

Bianca Munoz said... Reply to comment

Would be for out model classroom and the children that come in and use it. My son would love one too! Thank you!

Liz said... Reply to comment

I would love these paints I have a few in my classroom and the kids love using them for special projects!

Jennifer Dieleman said... Reply to comment

These look like such a fun way to use paint without it getting everywhere!!! Thank you for sharing these.

Lee Ann Rasey said... Reply to comment

What a wonderful idea! I would use them for any kind of painting project.

kathy said... Reply to comment

I would have my special ed students use them for art projects! The colors are so vibrant!

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