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First off, thanks for all who prayed for my husband today. The bad news is that he didn't make it :( The good news is that the things he needs to fix are minor and he gets to go back again next month for another shot! Now that he's done it once he knows more what to expect and won't stress as much which will be nice. One of the things that he needs to fix is his unifrom - at his last inspection at the beginning of February it was perfect so he didn't think to check it this month. But he forget that he lost 6lbs since then which meant that his pants were looser than normal so they didn't "break" correctly any more. So he's got to go get them tailored and hopefully not lose too much weight between then and the next board month lol! If only I had that "problem"! The other thing was a paper work issue which was silly of him to miss, but it's not a hard fix and had nothing to do with him not knowing the answers to questions, whcih was what he was really stressing. So, not good news, but not really bad news - had it gone badly they could have told him not to come back for 6 months! I'm just thankful that he's not beating himself up too badly about it!

Next up...What was wrong with my kiddos today?! Someone said it was the full moon, but we get one of those every month and my kids have never been like this! They were chatty to the extreme today - our cafeteria lady even had to let me know they were out of procedure in the lunch line, and this was after she gave them 3 warnings!

At the end of the day someone dribbled glue in our bathroom and I gave the whole "I think I know who it is, so this person better fess up because otherwise I can't trust you and if I can't trust you there will be no field trips etc. etc." Well, low and behold a little hand went up and it was the LAST person I would have suspected! My sweet little girl who never disobeys and is always someone I can count on to be doing the right thing confessed to not only dribbling glue but ALSO coloring on the wall! What in the world?!

I'd say I'm hopeful that tomorrow will be better, but I'm also in the midst of Literacy 1st testing which requires me to work one-on-one with my kiddos and hope that the rest of them do what they're supposed to do when they know I'm not really watching them since I'm testing! I have about 1/2 the class left to test and I'm thinking I might just bite the bullet and do that all day tomorrow just to finish it and get everyone back to a normal schedule.

Oh, but wait! Tomorrow is "No Ditto Wednesday" (doesn't that title date our principal?!) The new rule is that I cannot give my kiddos anything on copy paper on Wednesdays. They can still do journals or lined paper, but nothing else! However, I have to have them doing something quiet so that I can test. Guess it's time to break out a craftivity! A torn paper or tissue paper shamrock might be just the thing to keep their little hands busy! In order to ensure I do not attract the attention of the Curriculum Cops, I will tie it into a writing activity too. Here's a cute little poem I just found, I plan to write it on my smartboard and have my kiddos copy it to attach to their shamrock:
St. Patrick's Day is here, you see.
We'll pick some shamrocks, one, two, three.
We'll count the leaves and look them over,
And maybe find a four-leafed clover!

For those of you lucky enough to be able to use copies tomorrow (or any day you'd like to use it!) here's a freebie for this craftivity! I plan on printing the shamrock on card stock and using it as a template for my kiddos to trace onto construction paper. That way I can still get around the whole copy situation! I'll post a picture of the complete project tomorrow night!

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laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said... Reply to comment


First Grade Blue SKies

Mrs. M said... Reply to comment

I just found your blog and I love it! "Herding Cats" is an expression used often in my building so I had to check your blog out. Your "no ditto Wednesday" cracks me up. I love that your finding creative ways around it!


Kinder Kiddo said... Reply to comment

I have nominated YOU, your awesomeness, for an AWARD! Swing on over to check it out!

Zeynep Erdal said... Reply to comment

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Kimberley said... Reply to comment

I blogged about your post here yesterday because I had the SAME DAY. Hope today was better. :)

First in Maine

Kaci Hoffer said... Reply to comment

I loved your little poem! My kiddos wrote it today during Morning Message!!

Kaci Hoffer

Chrissy said... Reply to comment

No copies? Is there a paper shortage? :-) I put together an "I'm done" box, filled with "centers" we've done, insert games from The Mailbox, etc., all in ziplock bags. This box has been helpful during the last minutes before a transition. If you have something like this, you could call it the Wednesday Work box, lol!

My kiddos have spring fever. I think I do, too!

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