Another Roll & Graph?

Hey all! Thank goodness for the weekend! And, thank goodness that my reports cards are done, conferences scheduled, notes sent home...ahhhh! The only things I have to do this weekend are:

write lesson plans for 2 days - easy peasy!

write Reading Sufficiency Act papers for my 6 kiddos not on grade level - also too easy!

fill out evaluation form for a student about adhd (I don't think he has it!) - shouldn't take too long!

fill out IEP initiation paperwork on another student - this one might be a bit tricky since i don't have an example, but still shouldn't take too long!

grade and record the papers from this week - can do that while I watch tv tonight - anyone know why Glee didn't come on this week?! How am I supposed to grade papers with no shows to watch?!

It is 3pm on Saturday afternoon, my house is clean (mostly!), grocery shopping done, and I have the rest of the afternoon to play on the computer! I am creating a few Halloweeny things - here's a roll and graph game I made. I have to give a shout out to Trina Clark who is one of the few artists left that allows her clip art to be used to create activities that can be shared freely without having to buy a license etc. Just click the picture to download!

I also found time to decorate some pumpkins - Johnny in a Dress style!
Here's what I started with:

And here's what they look like after I got through with my spray paint!

That's it for now, going to work on some more activities for my classroom now that report cards are finished! Check back tomorrow for Part II of the Ron Clark "The End of Molasses Classes" Linky party. And, don't forget that my giveaway for a free blog design ends tomorrow night, so click here to enter!

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Jennie Jensen said... Reply to comment

I tried to download your game and it told me that it is not able to download because it is not open to the public. I would love a copy of it. Thanks!

Jennifer Knopf said... Reply to comment

I reset it so that it's public instead of private, so it should work now, sorry to anyone who couldn't download it before!


Meredith said... Reply to comment

Thanks for the cute Halloween game!
Keen on Kindergarten

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