ABC order and Behavior Woes

 Today felt like a Monday lol! We had a little bit of trouble keeping our noise level within acceptable limits, we were spotted running in the hall by another teacher (as they rounded the corner out of my line of sight), AND when I left the room for a moment to grab the snack for our kindergarten neighbors, we apparently had a dispute which the principal had to mitigate. In my defense, kindergarten teacher has 28 kiddos whereas I only have 19 so it made more sense for me to run down and grab the snacks while she watched both our classes.  Unfortunately, a parent chose that time to come up and wanted to talk her (in the middle of the afternoon?!) and my friend got sidetracked. This, of course, was when the principal decided to pop her head into my room to find my usual suspect having a hissy fit about something silly. Also in my defense, I could leave 18 of my 19 kids alone in the room at any given point and come back to find them voluntarily playing the quiet game or working in complete silence in order to surprise me. Of course, #19 is a different story altogether, a fact I will keep in mind next time lol!

Aside from that, we did get most of our paper plate horses completed today (this is a huge accomplishment considering that craft time apparently equals "turn off your listening ears so Mrs. Knopf has to repeat everything at least 3 times")! We also completed all of our math and did some great writing in the morning. I introduced alphabetical order this afternoon and about 1/2 my kiddos picked it up quite easily! We used the Human Timeline cards from Heather's Heart to practice in whole group first. Then we completed a Farm  ABC order worksheet together and then tried to do one on our own using our spelling words. I think with a little more practice we should be able to do these without too much difficulty!
Farm ABC Order

All in all, not a bad day, but I am truly hoping for some better behavior tomorrow. We've got the learning down pat, I may just have to take up back to day 1 behavior wise! If you like this freebie please let me know, I could use some nice comments after today!

I did find some neat giveaways that are worth passing on:
Queen of the First Grade Jungle is giving away this neat addition centered book:

Also, check out the giveaway at Kreative in Kinder, everyone wins!

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Kreative in Kinder said... Reply to comment

Thanks for the shout out. I am now following you too!

<>< Crystal

Kreative in Kinder said... Reply to comment

I just tried to send you your freebie but is said your email address isn't valid. Can you email your email address and I will send you the Birthday Unit? Thanks!
<>< Crystal

Chrissy said... Reply to comment

Lol, could it be the weather?! My kinders were chatty this week. They seemed to think that every transition gave them permission to start ten different conversations. I put a stop to it and drilled procedures. :-)

I hope today was better! ReadWriteSing

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