Fire Safety Math & Literacy (FREEBIE!)

It's Fire Safety time! I think the highlight of October is our visit from the firefighters. They come out and show us that old fire safety video (someone needs to work on getting them funds for a new video - that thing has been around since I was in grade school!) and then we troop outside to look at their fire truck, and, if we're lucky, they spray the hose for us! Of course the kiddos love it, but I have to admit, taking an hour out of the day to watch firefighters is NOT a hardship for me!

We do a lot of Fire Safety themed activities and I try to incorporate it into every facet of our day. 
My Fire Safety Math & Literacy pack has 10 Math Activities and 4 Literacy Activities - including 2 Emergent Readers! There's two freebies for you in the Preview too:
Just check out my Fire Safety Math & Literacy Pack and download the Preview for your freebies!

Consumer Safety also has some FREE tips and checklists for fire safety as well as this fun Fireman Says game:
And a Fire Safety Rhyming Match-Up! These are great for center time activities!

I'll be bringing out my Fire Safety themed Ten Frames too:

We also get out our squirt bottles in our sensory table and spray out the fake fire (made of shredded yellow, red and orange paper). This year I'll also be adding some flame cut outs with letters and numbers so they can practice letter and number recognition while putting out "fires".

Our squirt bottles also come in handy for painting fire - I fill them with red, orange and yellow paint and they use them at our art easel.When they've covered the paper we let it dry and then cut it out in the shape of a flame!

At recess we practice Stop, Drop and Roll and our playground becomes a house on fire as the "firefighters" race to put it out with their "hoses" made from 1 foot lengths of white cotton rope. The rope isn't long enough to trip on or wrap around anyone, and since its soft cotton, it can't be used as a weapon ;P

I'll try to get some pictures this week, and share with you soon so you can see!

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