Gingerbread Giveaways & Sale!

It's here! It's here! It's finally time to teach my Gingerbread theme! This is probably my favorite theme of the year! So much fun and a perfect excuse to eat cookies! Honestly, I think I have more gingerbread books than any 3 other themes combined - so many I'll be reading multiple versions each day just to get them all in before Christmas Break!

We'll be doing a bunch of gingerbread stuff with math too - of course the prerequisite graphing activities - which part of the gingerbread man did you bite first, do you like gingerbread yes or no, have you ever made a gingerbread house etc.  I can't wait to hear what my little pre-k friends have to say about gingerbread! This year, I even made some awesome readers to practice some of our early math skills while still giving us exposure to print concepts, rhyming and sequencing.
There are 4 readers in this pack:

Where Is Gingie? - an interactive positional word reader. Just attach the little gingerbread picture with a piece of yarn and students can practice putting him in the correct position on each page!

What Shape? - includes color words and the following shapes: circle, triangle, rectangle, square, rhombus, trapezoid, cylinder and cube. This one gives double practice with reading/identifying color words and identifying basic shapes.

5 Little Cookies - My students love stories like these - it's rhyme intensive, and repetitious, so they pick it up quickly, plus there's the basic subtraction factor as each little cookie runs away. You can print out the equations if you want to introduce the minus and equal sign with your littles too!

5 Cookies On A Tray - One of the skills we have to teach is ordinal numbers, even though OK doesn't really have a math standard to match it - it's one of those "introduce as you can" things lol. Although we hit it orally during calendar time, this reader will give them written word exposure!

The readers print two to a sheet to cut down on paper costs, and I even made word strips and sequencing pictures so you can print them out and put them in a pocket chart! Generally I introduce the story in a pocket chart and have students practice reading it for a few days before we do the reader.  With 4 readers we'll be set from now until Christmas! (we get out Dec 19th!)

This pack is on sale for 40% off until midnight (I generally discount everything I put on TPT for the first day, so you might want to follow my store to get notifications of new products!) You can also head over to my Facebook page for a chance to win the pack!

Speaking of giveaways, this one ends tonight and you could win a ton of fun winter packs including my Gingerbread Skills Pack! Enter here!

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