Red Ribbon Week Doors!

It's Red Ribbon Week and we've been having fun with door decorating! I thought I'd grab some pictures of the cutest doors in school to share with you! I think we had a lot of great ideas this year:

From our fabulous cafeteria:
 Loved the scrapbook paper they used on the candy corn!

Our T-1 Room:
 Each heart has a picture or a personality trait and the sign reads "Stay true to yourself. Don't do Drugs!"

Our 3rd grade:
 The kids had a lot of fun making the little skulls into clowns!

Our 5th grade:
 Who knew the 5th grade teacher was so talented at drawing/painting?!

One of our Kindergarten classes:
 Each kiddo has their own spaceship!

Our 2nd grade:
 It says "Don't Get Hooked" and that cigarette is too much!

Our other Kindergarten class:
Love that tree!

And finally, my door, which I am so pleased with, I have to say it turned out better than I thought, and the kids loved making their Olafs!
Here's a close-up, the large snowflakes have Frozen song titles that were modified with an anti-drug message :)
These Olafs were adapted from a  Pinterest pin that just led to a picture, no template or instructions. Still, remarkably easy - the only things needed were 2 styrofoam cups per child, black chenille stems, and white, black and orange construction paper! The kids cut out their own mouths (I just free hand drew them on black paper) and colored in their own eyeballs, but I cut out the nose and teeth. The chenille stems were cut in 4s and stuck into a hole poked into the top with a pencil - if the kids got overzealous with the holes I just used the glue gun to secure the stems. The kids glued all the pieces on with glue sticks and I used a glue gun to glue the cups together and to the door :)

Tomorrow I'll share pictures of our Book Report Pumpkins - they turned out fabulous!

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Kelly said... Reply to comment

All of the doors are very clever, but I really love Olaf almost as much as the kids. Adorable!
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