Debbie Diller Today!!

Just a quick post to say hello! I will be posting later tonight to tell you how the Debbie Diller workshop I'm going to this morning was! (wow that is probably the most convoluted sentence ever!) I'm going to Debbie Diller this morning, I'll tell you all about it later tonight! (whew! better!).

Also, thank you so much to everyone who purchased from my TPT store during the sale - I truly appreciate that you enjoy my products! In case you missed the sale (I almost did! I was dithering all night, putting things in my cart and on my wishlist and only made the final purchase with 15 minutes to spare!) I have extended my part of it for an extra day! So you'll get 20% off everything in my store today (August 14th)  as well :)

Have a great day!

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