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I'm going to cheat since today is Friday and do a linky party with just a tiny bit of organization thrown in at the end. Yesterday I did such a great job cleaning and organizing downstairs that my husband was impressed.. If I do it two days in a row the poor man might keel over. So, for my husband's safety, I must underachieve today.

Good excuse, right?

By the way, husband is getting evaluated today to see if he can qualify as an instructor for Advanced Individual Training for his unit. He was going over the points of his presentation and I realized that it was just like the lesson plans we did in college - he starts off with a hook or attention getter, then a motivator or "why you're learning this", then a description of what will be learned (objectives), standards, materials etc. Doesn't that sound just like those realllllly long lesson plans we had to do in college? You know, the ones that if you were to actually write one of those for every real lesson in your classroom you would never have time to eat or sleep because you'd forever be writing plans! The Army even expects him to go a little higher on Bloom's and throw out questions to get his students thinking about why and what if rather than just regurgitating information. I just found it really interesting that he was learning how to be an Army instructor the same way I learned to be a teacher - of course the Army course was only 2 weeks long lol!

Anyways, I saw this fun linky from Bonnie at Living a Wonderful Life and had to join, just because it made me stop and think about my obsessions.
1. Obviously my first obsession is linky parties. I love them - you get to see many different ideas/takes on things, plus you get to find fabulous new blogs! What's not to like?

 2. Cherub tomatoes. Seriously - it's like that chip commercial from way back when - you can't eat just one! When I peel open the package, that's it, sayonara, because I won't stop until they're gone. Case in point, I had to find a picture online because all of my containers at the house are empty :(  I can eat them plain just like candy.  Oh, and don't bother getting plain old grape tomatoes because those are just nasty compared to these. Guess that's why they're almost $4 a pack! I wonder if I'm lacking in vitamins and that's why I crave these?

3. Knorr veggie dip. Goes great with the tomatoes!

4. Playing on my phone. I download a new app at the drop of the hat - you mention it and I download it pretty much. Thanks to Staci at Going Nutty I now have Nuts! on my phone which my 5 year old thinks is hilarious. He's also digging ZooZooSafari which I thought would be too young for him, but he's gone back to it several times now. At least he's getting some letter review in!

5. Books!  I have books scattered all over the house! I don't have any bookcases at present because I haven't gotten around to getting any for this house. So I have 3 drawers full in my bedroom plus two drawers full in the coffee table. By the way, I loovvve my coffee table :) Here's a picture of it, but I don't have the teapot on mine :P

6. The Killing. Is anyone out there watching this show? I love Holder, he is hilarious!  I'm ready for them to figure the whole thing out already, but will there be another season if they do?!

Yay, a whole list of obsessions without a single school mention! I must be getting into the summer swing :)

Okay, onto Organization Day 4.
Just some very quick tips, FlyLady style! If you are having trouble getting motivated to organize, set a timer for 15 minutes. After all, you can do anything for 15 minutes right? When the timer goes off you can stop, guilt free, or you can set it for another 15 minutes. This of course means that you shouldn't take out more than 15 minutes of work.

 If you want to organize your boxes of teacher stuff, choose one box to start with. If you open up 10 boxes and start strewing the contents on every available surface, that will inevitably be the time when someone drops by unexpectedly. alternatively, you'll get knee deep in the pile and fizzle out and then have a mountain of mess to clean up. Keep it simple and do baby steps, this way the rest of your house doesn't suffer while you organize :)

Today's task is going to be organizing all of my ribbon - I am off to Hobby Lobby/Dollar Tree to find a basket so I can do this:

Update! Husband just came home and he passed his classroom presentation! Out of 5 people who presented today only 2 passed! Now he just has to do a hands-on presentation on the actual equipment next week and he'll be instructor certified :)

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Mrs. L said... Reply to comment

Congratulations to your husband!
I also love the fly lady! I am still a fly baby, I am doing better though. I love doing 15 minute cleaning/organizing jobs. It's amazing how much you can get done. I am about to attack my end closet. Small steps lead to big success.
Life with Mrs. L

Elizabeth said... Reply to comment

Congrats to your hubby!

I love that ribbon organizer! I've seen the Cherub tomatoes and have overlooked them due to the price...but I'll take your word for it.

It may become an obsession of mine......I'll let you know :)

Fun in Room 4B

EveryNewBeginning said... Reply to comment

Oh I love those tomatoes! Kroger has them 2 for 4 right now... planning on stocking up tomorrow (if the farmers market doesn't have any)! They taste so much better than most store bought tomatoes

The dip is so good too- I like it with those mini sesame sticks.

Every New Beginning

Corinna said... Reply to comment

Love cherry tomatoes, but have never tried these!! Checking out FlyLady right now;)

Surfin' Through Second

Lisa R. said... Reply to comment

I'm loving linky parties too!! It's fun to get to know everyone! I need to organize my ribbons like you are. That looks so much easier and tangle free!

Learning Is Something to Treasure

Mrs. Cupcake said... Reply to comment

I love the ribbon organization idea!! I just might have to do that!!
A Cupcake for the Teacher

Heather's Heart said... Reply to comment

Those look the same as grape tomatoes! I love those in a Greek salad! =)

I hope your summer is off to a great start!

Heather's Heart

Holly said... Reply to comment

That coffee table is gorgeous...now I have to go download Nuts!

Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

Miss Parsons said... Reply to comment

Where oh where did you get that awesome coffee table? Love it! Also, thanks for the great idea for the ribbon. I am still in school but when I get out...Look Out! :)

Kathleen said... Reply to comment

I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Killing (that sounds horrible though, doesn't it!) It is a fantastic show! I have been watching in on Netflix while I'm on the treadmill - certainly makes the time go so much faster! I hope they come back for a 2nd season!
Growing Kinders

Living a Wonderful Life said... Reply to comment

Thanks SO much for linking up! I love your coffee table! SO cute! I will move on to cleaning and organizing our house after I get done with grade school stuff (next week hopefully!). Congrats to your hubby :)

Living A Wonderful Life

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