What a Week! (Freebie!)

If I had to use just one word to describe this week, it would have to be crazy! Here's just a snippet of what's been happening:

I lost my id card holder with my military id, driver's license, school id and various credit cards/membership cards. I couldn't get back on post that night until my husband got off work (late!) and came to vouch for me at the gate. I ended up having to rush away from work the next day to get a new driver's license (thank goodness my passport and birth certificate were in our fireproof box!). Then I started the process of calling and canceling my cards. Of course I found the card holder the next morning in a spot that had been searched at least 4 times!

It was insinuated that teachers who objected to getting only a 10 minute break in a 7 1/2 hour day when we have assemblies are not team players and should transfer elsewhere asap.  On an assembly day this is literally my schedule:

8:30-9:30 - with students
9:30-9:40 -10 minute break
9:40-4:00 -with students (no lunch break, we eat with the kids in our rooms).

How dare I complain right? I'm also getting really tired of hearing "If you don't like it just ask for your transfer paperwork." Pretty much any announcement from on high is now prefaced with that statement - before anyone can even think of objecting we're told we better not!

Hmm what else..oh yeah...a parent called and threatened to talk to the superintendent about the fact that teachers' kids are allowed in the building before students are. It's apparently not fair that our kids can be inside but theirs can't. Considering the fact that if the weather is inclement we let the students in the building 1/2 hour before school starts, I really don't see where the unfairness is. If parents don't want their kids standing outside, they don't have to bring them to school until the doors open. I, of course, do not have the luxury of staying home with my kids until school actually starts lol. So far the solution is to just have teachers' kids hide keep out of sight, but I'm waiting to be told that my kids can't be in the building before school starts at which point I may just have a hissy fit.

Oh! Today my kids came back inside early from recess. Apparently neither one of the duty teachers showed up outside! One was apparently on a field trip that no one else knew about, and the other just decided not to go outside for some reason! When my kiddos went outside for recess the kindergarten classes were still outside, but when their recess was over they had to bring my kids in too since there was no one to watch them. Of course we got the "You're all grown ups and should be able to remember who has duty on which days. If you can't, maybe you should find someplace else to work!" speech. Since I have the duty calendar posted right outside my door, I really didn't feel the need to be on the receiving end of that speech!

The students have been on a roll too, here are a couple of gems from this week:

"I don't think my mom will appreciate that. She's going to call and have you fired!" Overheard from a 5 year old to a teacher's aide in the hallway after the aide told the child to get in line procedure or she would lose some recess time.

6 year old boy in housekeeping to his teacher "Woman! Get in here and cook me breakfast!"  When she declined and told him that's not the right way to ask, he replied "Well, it's your job isn't it?!"

My own students have been swinging back and forth like a pendulum - one moment they are good as gold, with everyone trying their best, the next they are acting like heathens, running in the classroom, talking over each other and me, and playing the "don't be so-and-so's friend game."

Needless to say, blogging took a back seat this week, but I promise to get back on track! Here is the freebie I had promised earlier - hopefully some of you can still use it with your kiddos tomorrow! My Brag Tag board is finished and gorgeous, but it really needs it's own post to do it justice, so look for that tomorrow or Saturday! I am also behind a Currently...and at least one linky, so I may have to double post this weekend...gasp!

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Ms. Kerri said... Reply to comment

I hate when we are treated like the professionals we are. It seems like all it take is one person not doing the right thing and we all get lumped in. We're on spring break next week and then the Monday we get back we have a big faculty meeting. Every morning we've been "yelled" at about not missing this important meeting and not leaving early that day. There are only 1 or 2 staff members who are known to miss meetings. They should talk to thme instead of yelling at the rest of us over the intercom. We've also been told to basically clean our rooms before we leave for spring break. That everything needs to be wiped down. It's so frustrating to have so many thins piled on us and never get any respect along with it. Pretty sure doctors don't clean their own patient rooms. Wow! I just got on a rant. I think I'm ready for spring break. Thanks for giving me the chance to rant. Thanks goodness it's friday. Thanks for the freebie. I'm filing it away for first next year.

FirstGradeBlueSkies (Jennifer) said... Reply to comment

SOunds like you had a rough day! Hope it is better today!
First Grade Blue SKies

Heather Shelton said... Reply to comment

I understand. I dislike how administration tells everyone what they really need to dicuss with a select few. It sometimes makes you thinl you are wrong, but then when you really get down to it, they are just afraid to tell the ones who need it cause they are they ones who will run to higher administration and complain.

Hope you have a better weekend.

Mrs. Shelton's Kindergarten

Jessica said... Reply to comment

Bless your heart! Don't worry it will get better! Your newest follower..



Miss Parsons said... Reply to comment

Thank you for posting about this subject! I thought we were the only ones that happens to and always wondered why our principal just didn't go talk to the person he needed to instead. Maybe this is listed in some secret principal handbook that we don't know about? hee hee Hopefully it will be better after Spring Break. :)Andrea

Tiffani Mugurussa said... Reply to comment

Wow- I hope your year is almost over, sounds like you could use a wonderful vacation. When my co-workers start complaining I always tell them there are other places worse off than ours to work. I always tell them about the teachers who HAVE to eat with their kids. They usually quiet down because they hate to step foot into the lunchroom. I hope you have a great weekend woman- and someone else gets in the kitchen to cook you breakfast. (HUGS)

Time 4 Kindergarten

Erica said... Reply to comment

Oh goodness, sweet friend! I am so sorry about your week. We are always here to listen. :) I hope this next week is better and that you enjoy your much deserved weekend.

Sprinkles to Kindergarten

Mrs. Cupcake said... Reply to comment

Rough week! But it's OVER, and now you can relax!!
A Cupcake for the Teacher

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

Hehehe your blogs make me laugh and feel normal.

~DeAnne~ said... Reply to comment

Here's to a better week! :) I love the little addition page!! SOO CUTE!

First Grade and Fabulous

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